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Trimmiser Cup 2021 report

On 04.09.2021 the 3rd International Trimmiser Cup took place in Trimmis, Switzerland.

This year we welcomed 25 dojos with a total of over 160 karatekas from Switzerland and Germany. 50 different categories were held this year with a maximum of 4 participants per category.

The fights were in a round-robin system – everybody against everybody; in case of an early win by Ippon 4 points could be credited. In case of a win via referee decision, 3 points were awarded, and in case of a draw 1 point.

Our smallest fighters were 6 years old and these were with protective equipment such as breastplate and helmet at the start. Also, the elite category, as well as the Ü40 category gave us spectacular fights.

This year we were able to provide 3 tatamis with mats, including our new field, which was made possible thanks to our sponsors Orthosan, Roger Holzinger Haustechnik, Drogerie Stebler, and other private sponsors.

Many thanks to all sponsors! Another big thank you goes to the whole Trimmis team. It was an incredible job to set up everything and to run the whole tournament smoothly. Many thanks also to our test center from Coop Vitality Chur Quader and the medical team on site. Our kitchen was also very well organized this year, many thanks also here to the Stoffel family.

The next Trimmiser Cup will take place on 03.09.2022 again in Trimmis. The whole Team Trimmmis is looking forward to seeing you again.


Sensei Yves Mathis

The tournament you can watch here:

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