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The National Association of Combat Sports in Bulgaria awarded its best fighters

The fourth annual awards ceremony of The National Association of Combat Sports in Bulgaria was held on the 19-th of December in a TV format ceremony.

The 12 federations in NACS gave special awards for their best athletes and coaches for the last 12 months. Over 40 000 fighters from 476 clubs competed for the prize “Golden Belt”.

The first ones to award their athletes and coaches were the Bulgarian Sumo Federation.

Best Athlete (male): Stilian Ivanov ( silver medal from European Championships in Kazan, Russia)

Best Athlete (female): Mihaela Hristova ( bronze medal from European Championships in Kazan, Russia)

Best Coach: Hristo Stistov (National Team Coach)

Bulgarian Sambo Federation

Best Athlete (male): Ivan Harkov (silver medal from European Championships in Cyprus.)

Best Athlete (female): Mariya Oryashkova (bronze medal at World Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

Best Coach: Vasil Sokolov – (National Team Coach)

Bulgarian Arm Wrestling Federation

Best Athlete (male): Yordan Conev (Gold Medalist from European Championships in the heavyweight division in Litva)

Best Athlete (female): Teodora Krasteva (National Champion and Bronze medalist at World Championships)

Best Coach: Георги Караджов (European Champion and Best athlete with disabilities in the upper body)

Bulgarian Ju-Jitsu Federation

Best Athlete (male): Kamen Matov (Competitor at „Twisted Jiu-Jitsu“)

Best Athlete (female): Fatme Dacheva (Competitor at Central Police Ju-Jitsu and Karate Klub)

Best Coach: Venelin Rusinov (In 2021 his competitors won 23 gold, 24 silver, and 32 bronze medals)

Bulgarian Shotokan Karate-Do Federation

Best Athlete (male): Sashko Patrakliev (European and World Champion in Heavyweight division “kumite”)

Best Athlete (female): Viktoria Filipova (Gold Medal from Open Weight at World Championships)

Best Coach: Milena Kirnikolvа (Head Coach of “Spartak Pleven”)

Bulgarian Taekwondo ITF Federation

Best Athlete (male): Yordan Staev (European Gold and Silver medalist from strength tests)

Best Athlete (female): Vasilena Yordanova (Silver medalist from European championships in self-defense)

Best Coach: Amaliya Koleva (coach in “ABC”)

Bulgarian Ushu Federation

Best Athlete (male): Dimitar Tonchev

Best Athlete (female): Afalina Rarivo

Best Coach: Stanislav Bagalev (coach of Dimitar Tonchev and Afalina Rarivo)

Bulgarian Kudo Federation

Best Athlete (male): Galin Ganev (without a loss in 15 national championships, competing out of Burgas)

Best Athlete (female): Raya Tsoleva (Competing out of Sopot for 6 years, medalist from national championships)

Best Coach: Kalin Petkov (Coach in KA Sport in Sopot)

Bulgarian Kendo Federation

Award for keeping the spirit of the traditions: Sensei Takeo Kita (founder of “Bushido” club in Ruse)

Bulgarian Aikido Federation

Award for contributing the Aikido in Bulgaria: Kalina Petrova, 2-nd degree

Bulgarian Kickboxing and Muay Thai Confederation

Best Athlete (male): Mariyan Petkov (European Champion in Low Kick style)

Best Athlete (female): Kalina Boyadzhieva (3x European Champion and without a loss in the last three years)

Best Coach: Galin Metodiev (Head coach of “Shumenska Krepost” team. His team won 61 gold medals this year)

Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation

Best Athlete (male): Dilyan Nikolov (Silver medalist from European Championships of KWU in Varna)

Best Athlete (female): Nikol Harizanova (Silver medalist from Europeans of KWF in Poland and World Championships of KWU. Also second place at KWU Europeans in Varna)

Best Coach: Hristo Hristov (Gold Medalist from Open Championship in Austria, participant in All-Japan championship, and head coach of Bulgaria’s juvenile national team for 4 years)

The “Golden Belt” ceremony was held for the fourth year in a row with the cooperation of NSAC and its chairman Shihan Ivo Kamenov. The association was established in 2015 in order to help and popularize combat sports in Bulgaria.

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