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The 1st South America U-21 IFK Kumite Knockdown Tournament

The 1st South America U-21 IFK Kumite Knockdown Tournament

was held on Sunday November 11th, 2018 at the Maristas Gymnasium in Montevideo, Uruguay. International delegations were welcomed from IFK Argentina, IFK Brasil, and IFK Chile.

South America U-21

Over more than 7 hours, 48 athletes from 4 IFK national teams and invited national Kyokushin organizations competed for a place in the podium.

Final results of the Tournament:

Category 6 and 7 years old (no sex division)
1° Joseffa Carú (IFK Chile)
2° Avril Carballo (IFK Uruguay)
3° Tatiana Nesteruk (IFK Uruguay)
4° Benjamin Da Rosa (IFK Uruguay)

Category 8 and 9 years old (no sex division)
1° Santiago Cuenca (IFK Uruguay)
2° Axel Rodriguez (IFK Uruguay)
3° Bruno Bava (IFK Uruguay)
4° Nahuel Picherno (IFK Uruguay)

Category 10 and 11 years old – Male
1° Emiliano Beliz (Kyokukaikan Uruguay)
2° Thiago Porto (IFK Brasil)
3° Enrique Acosta (IFK Uruguay)
4° Luciano Lemos (IFK Uruguay)

Category 10 and 11 years old – Female
1° Soledad de los Santos (Kenbukai Uruguay)
2° Erika Gomez (IFK Uruguay)
3° Rocío Sierra (Kenbukai Uruguay)

Category 12 and 13 years old – Male
1° Martín Machado (IFK Uruguay)
2° Fausto Guerra (IFK Chile)
3° Santiago Zimmermann (IFK Uruguay)

Category 14 and 15 years old – Male
1° Ignacio Jorquera (IFK Chile)
2° Joaquin Castro (IFK Uruguay)
3° Santiago Graña (IFK Uruguay)

Category 14 and 15 years old – Female
1° Javiera Avila (IFK Chile)
2° Annais Pino (IFK Chile)
3° Mariana Bosch (IFK Argentina)

Category 16 and 17 years old – Male
1° Jerónimo Romero (IFK Argentina)
2° Juan Pablo Bianchi (IFK Uruguay)
3° Jonhatan Funez (IFK Uruguay)

Category Under 21 – Female
1° Fátima Parra (IFK Uruguay)
2° Camila Anhalt (IFK Uruguay)

Category Under 21 – Male
1° Gonzalo Suarez (Kyokushin Union Uruguay)
2° Gonzalo Bentancur (IFK Uruguay)
3° Facundo Llanes (Kenbukai Uruguay)
4° Derick Soares (IFK Brasil)

Organized by: IFK Uruguay
International organizations: IFK Argentina, IFK Brasil, IFK Chile.
National invited organizations: Kenbukai, Kyokukaikan y Kyokushin Union.

It is worth noting that referees and competitors attended from several dojos and states within Uruguay, including Canelones, El Pinar, Salto, Mercedes, Dolores, San Carlos, Batlle y Ordoñez and Montevideo.

The Referees team (Chief Referee, Shushins and Fukushins) was also international:
From Uruguay: Sensei Germán Carballo, Sensei Nestor Duarte, Shihan Jarry Gonzalez, Sensei Rocío Gonzalez, Senpai Santiago Mosco, Senpai Noelia Fabre, Senpai Mario Hornos, Senpai Gonzalo Díaz, Senpai Maite De León, Martín Rucci, Matías Laíno and Claudia López.
From Argentina: Shihan Julio Romero
From Brasil: Sensei Jeovaldo Barreto y Sensei Luis Freitas.

IFK Uruguay would like to thank all the athletes, coaches, as well as the team working in different tasks throught the tournament who contributed in making this event a success.

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