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Results of XXVI IFK Russian Championship

Results of XXVI IFK Russian ChampionshipApril 10, 2016 in Moscow, Russia was held XXVI Championship of Russia

among men and women in weight categories, in which was attended 108 fighters. For the 5 categories (3 male and 2 female) the number of participants in each category made a highly performance.

Champions: Ishahnely Vitaly, Mezhevtsov Stanislav, Kasumov Farid, Sabaeva Angelica and Efremova Anna.

1st place – Moscow,
2nd place – YNAO (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug),
3rd place was shared by Kemerovo and Kirov regions.

Men -70 kg 1. Kasumov Farid (Kemerovo region)
2. Mansurov Marsel (Sverdlovsk region)
3. Voitov Maxim (Bryansk region)


Men -80 kg 1. Mezhevtsov Stanislav (Moscow)
2. Drozd Alexander (Leningrad region)
3. Maleev Artem (Sverdlovsk region)

Men +80 kg 1. Ishahnely Vitaly (YNAO)
2. Tilov Arthur (YNAO)
3. Maslennikov Nikolai (Moscow)


Women -60 kg 1. Efremova Anna (Kirov Region)
2. Lepina Maria (Moscow)
3. Artemova Rima (Moscow region)

Women +60 kg 1. Sabaeva Angelica (Moscow)
2. Uzunyan Maria (Saint-Petersburg)
3. Panova Maria (Novosibirsk region)

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