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Results of the 1st KWU SENSHI Argentina Championship 2023

On September 30th, the first Argentina championship of KWU SENSHI was held at Corazón de Maria Stadium in Córdoba. The event was open to all kyokushin karate organizations and featured competitors from Argentina, Chile, and Costa Rica. Below are the results of this exciting tournament:

Kata Beginners

1st Place: Pablo Mirol

2nd Place: Daniela Rey

Kata Advanced

1st Place: Fernanda Fonseca

2nd Place: Valentina Raya

3rd Place: Gabriel Albrecht

4th Place: Sofia Cuello


Category 5-6

1st Place: Guillermina Heredia

2nd Place: Ana Reina

3rd Place: Valentino Arbona

4th Place: Lola Pérez

Category 7-8 Fem.

1st Place: Margarita Ruarte

2nd Place: Emma Perez

3rd Place: Josefina Dominguez

4th Place: Felicitas Conci

Category 7-8 Masc.

1st Place: Francisco Paredes

2nd Place: Amadeo Izquierdo

Category 9-10 Fem.

1st Place: Jazmin Dominguez

2nd Place: Yasmin Bonugli

Category 9-10 Masc.

1st Place: Bautista Laciar

2nd Place: Branko Heredia

3rd Place: Noah Martinez

4th Place: Tomás Roberto

Category 11-12 Fem.

1st Place: Ludmila Moyano

2nd Place: Ernestina Frattini

3rd Place: Sofia Velazquez

4th Place: Martina Martiñena

Category 11-12 Masc.

1st Place: Santino Allende

2nd Place: Bruno Quiñones

3rd Place: Francisco Díaz

Category 13-14 Fem.

1st Place: Emma Ruarte

2nd Place: Belen Araya

Category 13-14 Masc.

1st Place: Benjamín Moyano

2nd Place: Franco Vidal

3rd Place: Santino Saavedra

4th Place: Henry Ramirez

Category 15-16-17 Fem.

1st Place: Malena Pelatía

2nd Place: Sol Cannizzo

Category 15-16-17 Masc.

1st Place: Ignacio Ferreyra

2nd Place: Franco Bodach

3rd Place: Pedro Varela

4th Place: Santino Saavedra

Category Beginners Fem.

1st Place: Magalí Germinara

2nd Place: Julia Pedraza

Category Beginners Masc.

1st Place: Dario Padilla

2nd Place: Rodrigo Peralta

3rd Place: Gabriel Tarantola

4th Place: Oscar Perez

Category Intermediate Masc.

1st Place: Daniel Palomino

2nd Place: Camilo Montes

3rd Place: Mario Benavidez

4th Place: Martin Lascano

Category Senior

1st Place: Fernando Martinez

2nd Place: Fabián Acosta

Category Women’s Absolute

1st Place: Francisca Mazzoni

2nd Place: Camila Albornoz

3rd Place: Emilia Cuello

4th Place: Sofía Cuello

Category Men’s Absolute

1st Place: Maximiliano López

2nd Place: Matias Peralta

3rd Place: Ignacio Montenegro

4th Place: Juan Cruz Nuñez

Kanto Sho (Spirit): Josefina Dominguez

Shinjin Sho (Revelation): Daniel Palomino


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