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Report from training seminar with Shihan Quinn in Norway

Shihan Cameron Quinn visits Norway (NKKO) for the second consecutive year

Excellent feedback and very satisfied participants led the reputed and recognized instructor to Norway once again. Both former students and participants from previous year were more than satisfied when the seminar was completed last Sunday at Lørenskog Sports Hall outside Oslo.

Lørenskog Karate Klubb had once again invited Shihan Cameron Quinn to hold a seminar for Norwegian Kyokushin enthusiasts. The internationally renowned, Australian 6th dan instructor is a legend among Kyokushin practitioners. Both for his extremely close connection to Sosai Mas Oyama, and his reputation as a high caliber instructor for high ranked fighters. Shihan Quinn is also the author of the famous book “The Budo Karate of Mas Oyama”.

Over 70 Norwegian Kyokushin participants from all factions attended the 3 day seminar. Amongst that group, there were 20 enthusiastic juniors who enjoyed two separate, special sessions with a focus on refining their fighting skills and tournament preparation drills for local and national level tournaments. Shihan Quinn guided the youths, and “The Young Lions” of Lørenskog Karate Klubb in these sessions.

The senior group was mainly trained in ground-fighting techniques, and how the bunkai of advanced katas can also be utilized from the ground. The tournament rules were put aside and focus was on techniques used for self-defense and a more holistic approach to realistic applications. For several traditional stand-up fighters, this was a bit challenging at first, but the drills and thorough instructions made this an enjoyable and useful seminar.

The participants came from all over Norway, with a significant group from Tromsø Karate Klubb, a Kyokushin club from the northern part of Norway, some 1.150 km from Oslo. The idea was to bring the different parts of Kyokushin together and meet friends across the country.

Shihan Quinn (whom recently celebrated his 60th birthday), was honored on the Saturday evening with a traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner at the Losby Gods Hotel, a famous hotel and mansion outside Oslo.

The seminar was organized by Sensei Jon Osvald Christensen and Sempai David Cummins from Lørenskog Karate Klubb.

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