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Report of Emma Markwell´s seminar in Costa Rica

We received message from Sensei Mauricio Alvarado

with a report on Sensei Emma Markwell´s seminar and some special photos

My time in Costa Rica has been brilliant, from Catalina and Sensei Mauricio’s hospitality to the great attendance of the two seminars.

The first seminar, a general fighting class for all, went really well. I thought that the students were of a good level, but I hope that there will be something that each individual will be able to take away from my class and practice.

The second seminar, specifically for women, was really interesting. It was so nice to share such passion with all those whom attended. Once again I just hope that the teachings will have been useful to the students.

All of the women were so willing and keen to learn, and I think that there are great things to come from this pool of fighters.

I feel extremely fortunate to have been brought to Costa Rica through Kyokushin, and I’m very grateful to Senpai Catalina for her organisation of the Seminar!

Here are the Album:

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