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Open Russia 2016 report from Shihan David Pickthall

Open Russia 2016 report IFK Russia fighters were very successful at the Russia Open 2016

with Artem Nazaretyan taking 2nd place, Artur Tilov 3rd and Artem Lialikov 7th place. In the womens category Irina Kryazheva was 2nd place.

Special awards went to Artem Nazaretyan for most spirit at 72kg he was one of the smallest in the competition. Arthur Tilov for best technique, Mariya Panova for most spirit and Marina Sobanina for best technique.


1. Nasirov Nazar (Russia) Shinkyokushin

2. Nazaretyan Artem (Russia) IFK

3. Tilov Arthur (Russian) IFK

4. Samadurov Vasily (Russia) Kyokushin-kan

5. Beslaneev Cantemir (Russia) Kyokushin-kan

6. Yakovlev Ilya (Kazakhstan) Shinkyokushin

7. Lyalikov Artyom (Russia) IFK

8. Bitkash Yemelyan (Russia) Kyokushin-kan


1. Sobanina Marina (Russia) St Petersburg

2. Kryazheva Irina (Russia) IFK

3. Ismailova Antoninа (Russia) Shinkyokushin

4. Vishnyakov Anna (Russia) Shinkyokushin

On picture from left to right: Nazaretyan Artem, Kryazheva Irina, Shihan David Pickthall, Sobanina Marina, Tilov Arthur, Lyalikov Artyom

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