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The majority of the 433 fighters changed their belts in Kamchia

The International Summer Kyokushin Camp

received high praise from the representatives of 11 countries

The International Summer Kyokushin Camp in Kamchia, which was held for the ninth time this year, ended on Saturday with a hard exam for the candidates for new degrees – kyu and dan.

Shihan Koga and Yamada from Japan were in the technical committee and nearly 450 competitors appeared before the masters in the hardest style. Their exact number was 433 and almost all showed good knowledge, which was assessed by the commission – the examination ended with a high success rate and the majority of the fighters received higher degrees.

At the football tournament Shogun (Sofia) was beaten by Shin Kyokushin (Russia). The international summer camp ended with the traditional sayonara party in which all expressed their gratitude to the hosts of the event and promised to come back next year and make the event even more popular for its anniversary edition.

The Kamchia camp was organized by the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation jointly with KWU with the participation of a record number of 650 fighters from 11 countries: Bulgaria, Japan, Russia, Georgia, Austria, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece, France.

Moreover – the camp was unanimously recognized as the most popular in its history. BKKF prepared a complex training – for kihon, kata, kumite. There were even shinken-shobu workouts – the Rules which allow also hits in the head.

And most importantly – the best athletes of the 11 national federations exchanged experience for the upcoming severe trials in the hardest style. Now BKKF will take a short break and then begin preparations for the World Championship in Khabarovsk on October 3 and 4.

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