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Kyokushinkan All Japan Autumn 2022

The Kyokushinkan All Japan Autumn tournament held on the 9th of October was participated by over 150 participants and 25 teams from branches around Japan. This time, the All Japan Autumn tournament included group matches for Kumite and Weapons Kata categories. With the cooperation of 130 tournament staff, it was a spectacular tournament that showed the unity of Kyokushin-kan.

Fierce battles unfolded in individual kumite, group kumite, weapons kumite, and men’s kumite open-weight categories. At the same time, competitors strongly demonstrated their training and understanding in the general kata and weapon kata categories.

At the opening ceremony, Kancho Okazaki announced that the Kyokushinkan World Tournament would be held in Japan in three years’ time (2025), the year after the Olympics, making the event even more exciting.

KWU World Cup 2022 YouTube playlist│5.07.2022

SENSHI 15 YouTube playlist │ 18.02.2023

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