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On 18 of November in “MIKA” sports complex,

unprecedented in its qualitative and quantitative competitions, Kyokushin Karate Armenian Cup Championship.

The event was attended by the Adviser of the Mayor of Yerevan, Sport Coordinator Gor Vardanyan, members of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, representatives of various administrative districts of Yerevan, all the representatives and members of the Association of Armenia in Kyokushin, as well as representatives of the Artsakh Federation and other honorable guests.

The opening ceremony was held by the president of the International Blak Balt , 4-Dan Sensey Spartak Gasparyan with an impressive performance, under the banner and flag of the Republic of Armenia.

The organizer, the participants, the president of the federation Spartak Gasparyan and the Mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan welcomed the greetings of the mayor’s advisor and sports coordinator Gor Vardanyan.

The Armenian Cup was attended by 750 representatives from all regions and naturally from Artsakh. The event began with a spectacular, impressive speeches, followed by the original tournament. The struggle for the Cup was very hot and after about 12 hours of struggle, the winners were announced and they will represent our country in various international tournaments.

Congratulations to all the participants, wish you new achievements and special thanks to our present guests, who with their active participation encouraged our participants. We are confident that the federation will have such great events, as it grows and grows year after year.

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