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Kyokushin-Kan Romanian National Tournament 2019

Dear all,
We have the honor of inviting you to the 1st Kyokushin-Kan Romanian National Tournament 2019

October 26th, 2019; Bucharest, Romania; Iris Sports Arena

Kyokushin-Kan Romania
A Full Contact Karate – Knock Down fighting championship organized by Kyokushin-Kan Romania – Sensei Ionel Stancu and Federatia de Karate Full Contact Age and weight categories – this year the tournament with take place along with the 2nd Edition of the Hachiman Fighting Championship 2019 (only for beginner Karateka – meaning a Karateka with no more than 2 participation in Full Contact Knock Down Tournaments and grade 10-8 Kyu).

First Kyokushin-Kan Romanian National Tournament 2019 is only for advanced Karatekas (advanced meaning a Karateka with not less than 3-5 participation in Full Contact Knock Down tournaments and grade from 7 Kyu up)

Age and weight categories for cadets, juniors, adults, and veterans

Cadets 1
M -40kg / -45kg / -55kg / -65kg / +65kg
F -35kg / -40kg / -45kg / -50kg / +50kg

Cadets 2
M -45kg / -50kg / -55kg / -60kg / -65kg / +65kg
F -45kg / -50kg / -55kg / -60kg / +60Kg

M -60kg / -65Kg / -70kg / -75kg / +75kg
F -50kg / -55kg / -60kg / -65kg / +65kg

+18 ani
M -65kg / -70kg / -75kg / -80kg / -85kg / -90kg / +90Kg
F -55kg / -60kg / -65kg / +65kg

+40 / +45 ani
M -75 kg / -85Kg / +85kg
F -60kg / -65kg / +65kg

Categories from 12 yrs and up will be under Kyokushin World Union (KWU) tournament rules.


Point of contact:
Sensei Ionel Stancu
Email: / /

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