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Kyokushin-kan new Honbu office

Kyokushin-kan official Facebook page posted news:

Dear Kyokushin-kan Branch Chiefs and Dojo Operators, this is to announce that our new Honbu office is now in operation at address below.

new Honbu

Kyokushin-kan International Honbu
5-5-3, Tsukagoshi, Warabi-shi, Saitama 335-0002 JAPAN
Phone: 048-420-9855 / Fax: 048-420-9856

However, one of our computer crashed down and the email address of our International Branch Chiefs and Dojo Operators have been lost. The computer is now restored but the local data is completely lost. We therefore, kindly ask you to email to( your name and country so that we can restore the mailing list.

Also, all the emails sent to( February 10th, 2017 have been lost. We were only able to restore from February 11th till today. If you have any important emails which you haven’t heard from Honbu, please email again and we will reply to you accordingly.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

Kyokushin-kan International Honbu

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