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The Kyokushin Championship will be held in Moscow

On October 15-16 in Moscow Center for Martial Arts, will be held a great Kyokushin festival.

“Kyokushin Championship” in Kata and Kumite for kids and juniors.

The event is first for the new Russian public organization “Federation Kyokushin Russia” with founders Shihan Alexandr Alymov, Shihan Konstantin Ankudinov, and Sensei Sergei Uvitsky. 

The organizing organization is the Seiken Sports Club. The direct holding of the competition is entrusted to the Organizing Committee consisting of:

Chairman Shihan Karen Gyadukyan
Deputy Chairman Sensei Anastasia Khripunova
The chief judge Sensei Tariel Nikoleishvili
Deputy the chief judge is Mikhail Sigachev
The Chief secretary is Ekaterina Bobrova

The following teams are allowed to participate in the event: clubs in Moscow and other entities of the Russian Federation that cultivate Kyokushin karate, regardless of affiliation with any Federation; an unlimited number of athletes from an organization (club) in the weight division is allowed!

The event will be held according to the rules for holding competitions in Kyokushin, developed by the All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Public Organization “Federation Kyokushin Russia” (FKR) in accordance with the rules of the Kyokushin World Union (KWU).

We will be sincerely glad to everyone who wishes to share this Kyokushin holiday with us!

Preliminary applications for participation in the festival indicating the number of athletes and their weight categories are accepted until October 11, 2021.

+8 903 504 96 96 Nikoleishvili Tariel 
+8 903 720 72 83 Khripunova Anastasia 
+8 903 720 91 55 Gyadukyan Karen 


All necessary documents could be found HERE

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