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KWUCAMP: Special training sessions

After International tournament GRAND PRIX BULGARIA 2017

was held evening training session as part of the program of camp.

Special guest instructor was Shihan Alexey Gorokhov

He is multiple times Champion of Russia, Champion form British Open, Champion from Japan in absolute weight category and many more tournaments since 1991 when he starts Kyokushin. Shihan is а very good teacher, explains nicely each exercise for what it would have help the fighter. He has a positive karate, his fighting carrier is very inspirational.

We’re sure that young karatekas have learned useful things and will apply them in training. His assistants were Senpais Stanislava Boycheva and Aleksandra Marinova, and Senpais Alexander and Ivan Komanovi. We thank Shihan Gorokhov for this training. Osu!

Other special training was with Shihan David Pickthall, because this was his last day with us. We are happy that Shihan David was with us this 3 training days.

After completing his career as a fighter, he fully devoted himself to the developed world of Kyokushin and to the development of the fighters as well as personalities. He always says, “I had my time, now it is yours.”

Special training sessions

We had the pleasure to organizing an interview with Shihan David for, which we will immediately share with you when it’s ready. In the interview he talks about his start in karate, talk about Hanshi Steve Arneil, for Sosai Oyama and what valuable artifacts hi has. Also he told us story of his relationchip with Sensei Dolph Lundgren.

We thank Shihan David Pickthall for the interesting training sessions, inspirational meetings and the true person that he is. Osu!

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