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KWUCAMP 2021 in details

The XV KWU International Summer Camp is held according to the calendar plan of the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation (BKKF) for 2021 with the purpose of strengthening the friendship between members of international organizations, enhancing the level of mastery of participants, enhancing the level of coaches, conducting kyu and dan tests with the assignment of new style qualification ranks to athletes. 

KWU World Cup: On July 6th was held KWU World Youth Cup for juniors 14-15 years old, juniors 16-17 years old, and cadets 18-21 years old with a total of 434 participants from 24 countries. Here you can see the results

Team’s Results:

  1. Russia 
  2. Kazakhstan 
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Ukraine
  5. Turkey
  6. Germany
  7. Armenia 
  8. Sweden
  9. Belarus
  10. Latvia

KWU Senshi Euro: We received 82 applications from fighters representing 16 countries. After a careful selection, 54 fighters from 13 countries were chosen to enter the ring of the 1st KWU European Amateur Championship by the rules of the KWU Professional League – SENSHI scheduled for 8-10 of July – draws and live streaming here


Senshi 9: The 9th edition of the international SENSHI fight night is set to take place this July 10 on Bulgaria’s seaside – Kamchia, and this time the action will be double. 6 of the 13 scheduled bouts will be the finals of The 1st KWU European Amateur Championship by rules of the KWU Professional League – SENSHI and the other 7 clashes will be professional bouts between one of the finest fighters from 11 countries. 

The events are organized by the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation (BKKF), Kyokushin World Union (KWU), and KWU International Professional League and its Chairman Shihan Ivo Kamenov, (Chairman of Bulgaria’s National Combat Sports Association and KWU Professional League, and member of the Executive Committee of KWU). 

Despite the COVID19 restrictions, a total of 1,200 martial artists from 29 countries gathered in Kamchia from July 4th to 11th to share experiences and develop their skills.

We thank everyone who supports us and shares this unique experience: KWU International Summer Camp 



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