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KWU Youth championship in Berlin starts with credentials committee

All teams passed the credentials committee, day before the fights on tatami

credentials committee

The procedure of weighing and credentials committee, under the leadership of Kyokushin World Union – KWU team from Germany, Bulgaria and Russia was perfectly organised. It all started on time and without delays.

Protective equipment has been reviewed and approved to complies with the regulations.

KWU Youth championship 2017 will be held in two halls on six tatami and more than 500 fighters from all Europe will take a part. We expect interesting, full with emotions day. Good luck to all! Osu!

But before the big day, will be held judges seminar. We’ll share our report later.

Date: Saturday, 18.03.2017
Place: Barnim Gymnasium Ahrensfelder Chaussee 41, 13057 Berlin, Deutschland
Organizer: KWU Germany and Karate school „Dankezu” – Berlin
Principal Judge: Shihan Ramil Gabbasov (Russia), Sensei Alexey Demanov (Germany), Secretary – Sensei Prolet Vasileva (Bulgaria)
Guest of honour: Hanshi Steve Arneil, Shihans: Andre Drewniak, David Pickthall, Ivo Kamenov, Loek Hollander, Antonio Pinero, Secretary of KWU Sergey Suvorov

IMPORTANT information for the participants



THE DRAW  here: and here DRAW

1. Addresses of the most important venues:

Credentials committee:
AGAS hotel
Rhinstrasse 42, 12681 Berlin

Main hotels of teams:

AGAS hotel
Rhinstrasse 42, 12681 Berlin

Comfort Lichtenberg Hotel
Rhinstraße 159, 10315 Berlin

Hostel “Pro-social”
Blumberger Damm 12/14, 12683 Berlin

Judicial seminar – 18:10 17.03.2017
International school of Lomonosov
Aller der Kosmonauten 123, 12681 Berlin

Venue of a tournament:
Barnim Gymnasium
Ahrensfelder Chaussee 41,
13057 Berlin

2. Time of transfers from hotels to the hall of competitions: 09:00 (!)
Departure time back in hotels after the tournament: 20:00
All teams are broken into groups in different buses, a request independently NOT to enter buses – organizers of superiority will direct it.

3. Time of the beginning of the planned pedestrian excursions, in zoos and pools:
Sunday 19.03.17 – 10:00 (to be to team at the exit from hotel)

Bus excursions:
Hotel Comfort – 10:00
Hotel AGAS – 10:30

4. Venue of Sayonara: 19.03.2017 the beginning – 18:00
La feste Event Halle
Gutenbergstraße 26, 12621 Berlin
S-Bahn + U-Bahn Wuhletal

Attention – teams reach the Sayonary-diskoteki hall!
We recommend to buy the ticket – “Tageskarte” which will allow you to drive the whole day on all means of transport within one day (Sunday) – both at an excursion, and to Sayonara, etc.

From the main hotels of superiority you will be seen off on Sayonara by our assistants and assistants.
Departure back after Sayonara’s termination – 22:40 – the first buses, 23:10 – the last.

5. Transfers of teams from the airports in hotels and back in the airports:
Being guided by your flight, our drivers will meet you at the exit from your GATE. If they meet not one, and several teams from different GATE – we will report in addition where you should approach. If you didn’t see the meeting driver with a poster of our Superiority, then wait at the MAIN exit from the Airport.

In case of force majeurs always Sensey Alexey can call personally: ‎004917641428859.

At transfers from hotels, it is necessary to be ready in 3 hours prior to your departure – otherwise you risk to be late for check in, and our drivers won’t wait for the late teams.

Yours faithfully –
Alex Dankezu Demanov & Team of organizers.

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