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KWU World Youth Cup 2021

On July 6, 2021, within the framework of the 15th KWU International Summer Camp, will be held the KWU World Youth Cup for Juniors Boys and Girls 14-15 years old, Juniors Boys and Girls 16-17 years old, and Cadets Boys and Girls 18-21 years old.

Venue: Sports Hall Kamchia

Registration and weight check: 05.07.2021

Judging seminar: 05.07.2018

14-15 yo: -45, -50, -55, -60, -65, +65
16-17 yo: -55, -60, -65, -70, -75, +75
18-21 yo: -60, -65, -70, -75, -80, -85, +85
14-15 yo: -45, -50, -55, -60, +60
16-17 yo: -50, -55, -60, -65, +65
18-21 yo: -50, -55, -60, -65, +65

*The organizers retain the right to merge weight categories or change their limits, taking into account the number of participants in categories.

14-15 years old
Preliminary fights: 2 min + 2 min
Semifinals: 2 min+2 min –weight (difference in weight 2.5 and more kg)+ additional time 1 min

16-17 years old
Preliminary fights: 2 min + 2 min
Semi/finals: 2 min+2 min –weight (difference in weight 2.5 and more kg)+ additional time 2 min

18-21 years old
Preliminary fights: 2 min + 2 min + 2 min
Semifinals: 3 min+2 min –weight (difference in weight 2.5 and more kg)+ additional time 2 min

*Participants must take part in all the activities held in the International Summer Camp;
*No entry fee will be charged;
*The organizers cover the costs: Participants of the KWU WORLD YOUTH CUP, 1 coach per country, one KWU national representative per country – accommodation, food, transfer (04.07.2021 airport Varna – Kamchia, 11.07.2021 Kamchia – airport Varna)

RULES: KWU Competition Rules


1. Pre-competition medical examination; HIV, HBV and HCV test certificate, COVID 19 test;
2. Budo passport;
3. Copy of the insurance policy + list of insured persons;

Obligatory protection: white dogi and belt, corresponding with the fighter’s qualification,

  • individual groin cup (for men – obligatory, for women – optional);
  • protectors for shin – obligatory;
  • hand pads – obligatory;
  • chest protector that meets the set requirements – obligatory for women; mouthguard – optional. For those who have brackets
    on teeth mouthguard is obligatory

Competitors must wear clean dogi, have a tidy appearance, cut nails, no jewelry and makeup are allowed!

All Application forms can be found in the attached documents!

Please read carefully all the requirements for the participants in the camp, for the participants in KWU World Youth Cup for juniors (14-15 / 16-17 years old) and cadets (18-21 years old), and KWU European Amateur Championship by rules of the KWU Professional League.

Please observe RULES for maintaining the discipline and ensuring security during the KWU International Summer Camp from 04.07.2021 to 11.07.2021 Kamchia.

Registration: Please send application forms to the Organizing Committee by email –

Deadline for final application: 10.06.2021

Contact details:

+359 88 9907857 Aleksandra Marinova – English language
+359 88 4996666 Viliana Bozhilova – Russian language

The 1st Open European KWU SENSHI Championship 2021 – Full information and Application Forms

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