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The 1st Open European KWU SENSHI Championship 2021

As we promised, here it is: The 1st KWU European Amateur Championship by rules of the KWU Professional League – SENSHI scheduled for 8-10 of July in a framework of the KWU International Summer camp Kamchia 4-11 July 2021.

The event was originally scheduled for December last year but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and the then epidemiological situation in the country. 

The interest in the event was quite high, as, in less than a month, 113 fighters from a total of 26 countries requested participation. 

In this 1st KWU European Amateur Championship by rules of the KWU Professional League – SENSHI competitors will be divided into six categories: -70, -75, -80, -85, -90, +90. Each category will include eight fighters. Candidates not meeting the requirements will not be allowed to compete.

Preliminary battles and semifinals will be held with protective equipment – helmet, elbow pads, leg protectors.

In the final, the fighters will use only gloves. The matches are played in the ring.

There will be a cash prize for all participants as follows:

The first battle (qualification) 1000 euros for victory – 500 euros for loss;

The second battle (semifinal) 1500 euros for victory – 1000 euros for loss;

The third battle (final) 2000 euros for victory – 1000 euros for loss.

The organizers cover all expenses related to travel to Kamchia (air tickets for a fighter and one coach, transfers to the hotel), accommodation and meals during the International Summer Camp.

The deadline for submitting applications for participation in The 1st KWU European Amateur Championship by rules of the KWU Professional League – SENSHI is 31.05.2021.

Please send application forms for participation to the Organizing Committee by email –

Contact details: +359 89 7964368 Nikolay Atanasov – KWU Professional league – Senshi – English language

All application forms can be found in the attached documents:

Please read carefully all the requirements for participants in the camp and the European Championship from the rules of the KWU International Professional League. Please observe the RULES for maintaining discipline and ensuring security during the International Summer Camp KWU from 04.07.2021 to 11.07.2021 Kamchia.

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