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KWU SENSHI Brazil Performs Demonstration at Martial Arts Festival

The Ayrton Senna da Silva Sports Gymnasium was the chosen venue to host the SEMEL Martial Arts Festival, held last Saturday, October 21st, and promoted by the Taboão da Serra City Hall through the Department of Sports and Leisure (SEMEL). The free event, which started at 9 a.m. on 120 José Francisco dos Santos Street, Jardim Helena, brought a variety of martial arts disciplines for the public’s enjoyment, including a Kyokushin Karate exhibition.

During the event, Kyokushin Karate participated in the program, adding a special touch to the festival. Led by the renowned Shihan Tsutomu Morimoto, leader of KWU SENSHI Brazil, the demonstration featured representatives from two local dojos. They began with a brief seiza ceremony (mokussô) to demonstrate respect for tradition.

Subsequently, the practitioners performed a series of kihon geiko movements, showcasing fundamental aspects of Kyokushin Karate training. The presentation continued with the execution of katas, highlighting the precision and beauty of the discipline’s characteristic movements. Finally, the participants impressed the audience by demonstrating tameshiwari, which involves breaking objects using karate techniques.

Including Kyokushin Karate in the program enriched the festival by offering insight into martial arts for all attendees. The event attracted enthusiasts of all ages, providing an educational and energetic experience for the Taboão da Serra community.

The SEMEL Martial Arts Festival celebrated the diversity of martial arts and the spirit of sportsmanship in the city, giving participants a unique opportunity to experience various disciplines in action.

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