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KWU European championship PROVISION was Updated

KWU Kyokushin European Championship among men, women and seniors in weight categories

will be held in Varna, Bulgaria, December 7th – 9th, 2018

We added an explanation for the veterans’ protection, please note!

KWU Kyokushin European Championship among men, women and seniors in weight categories.

Dates of keeping: December 7th – 9th, 2018 Varna, Bulgaria
Conditions of access to participation: Representatives of national federations, who have passed national qualifying championships with calling in all interested groups of Kyokushin in a particular country at the age from 18 years old with a style qualification not less than 4th kyu
and 1 fighter from each country in each weight category.
Time and place of keeping national qualifying championships are defined jointly by representatives of international organisations, listed in the “Members” section on

The quota for WKO Shinkyokushinkai
The competitors from WKO Shinkyokushinkai, who wish to participate in the KWU Kyokushin European Championship among men, women and seniors in weight categories, should contact their Branch Chiefs, who would inform about this request the WKO Shinkyokushinkai Headquarters.

Protection for seniors:
– shinguards – mandatory;
– handguards – mandatory;
– groin shell – mandatory;
– gum shield (oral cavity protector), white colour – voluntary

If there are brackets on teeth, gum shield is mandatory.

All protection items must have a mark of KWU.
All participants will have a possibility to purchase protection items before the credentials committee.

ATTENTION. All protection items must be individual; each fighter must have his own.

Applications for participation:

Deadline for preliminary applications (Attachment № 1) up to October 1st, 2018

ATTENTION! The following documents shall be provided together with a preliminary application:
1) photo in karategi (portrait photography in electronic form, jpeg format, resolution not less than 300 dpi)
2) attachment № 3 – completed by each fighter
3) application for accommodation (attachment № 4)
4) group application for the whole delegation (attachment № 5)

The deadline for the final applications – November 1st, 2018

(Note: No final application to be accepted if preliminary application was not submitted.)

The final application is sent by e-mail, it must contain all the necessary signatures and stamps.
Applications are accepted only if filled in accordance with prescribed form (Attachment № 1). The application must be signed by the presidents of the national federations of the country, whose fighters are in the application.

Applications are accepted by e-mail address:
Contact phone numbers:
+359 88 9907857 Aleksandra Marinova (English),
+359 88 4996666 Viliana Bozhilova (Russian)



KWU Kyokushin European Championship 2018 update 13 sept


Положение чемпионата Европы KWU 2018 update 13 sept

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