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KWF Romania: Kagami biraki 2017 and official KWF belts and certificates

Sensei Ilie Ionescu, the KWF Romanian Country representative

and the president of the Romanian Kyokushin Federation organised KAGAMI BIRAKI in three Romanian cities.

The sessions were held in Bucharest on the 12th January and Giurgiu on the 13th January. The special guest instructor for the sessions was Sensei Daniel Trifu, KWF board member and president of the Australian Kyokushin Federation. Senpai Lynne O’Brien from KWF Australia, board member of the Australian Kyokushin Federation, also attended the Bucharest and Giurgiu sessions. She enjoyed the enthusiasm and warmth of the Romanian Kyokushin community.

[bctt tweet=”The Romanian Karateka showed great enthusiasm and fighting spirit during training drills.” username=”kwunion”]

Due to dangerous driving conditions caused by extreme weather Sensei Ilie Ionescu and Sensei Daniel Trifu could not make the 250 km trip from Bucharest to Galati. The session in Galati on the 14th January went ahead as planned and the students and instructors put on a great event.

Training sessions were immensely enjoyed by all involved. The Romanian Karateka showed great enthusiasm and fighting spirit during some of Sensei Trifu’s training drills.




Sensei Ionescu took this opportunity to announce the important events for 2017 and to present belts and certificates.

The following Karatekas from the Romanian Kyokushin Federation were presented with their official KWF belts and certificates:

  • George Radoi 3 dan (Giurgiu),
  • Gabriel Stroe 2dan (Bucuresti),
  • Catalin Mocanu 2 dan (Giurgiu),
  • Dorel Aldea 2 dan (Galati),
  • Marius Stan 1 dan (Giurgiu),
  • Cristian Verdes 1 dan (Bucuresti),
  • Daniel Ionita 1 dan (Bucuresti)

Here are videos and pictures from training sessions with  Sensei Ilie Ionescu and  Sensei Daniel Trifu



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