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KWF leaders will attend at the 50th Netherlands International Summercamp

Nederlandse Karate Kyokushin Organistatie share the news:

From 7 till 10 July the 50th anniversary Kyokushin Summerschool at National Sports centre Papendal will take place under the leadership of Shihan Loek Hollander in the presence of KWF’s chairman Shihan Antonio Pinero as a chief instructor.

We are proud to announce that this year’s summer camp, held at Papendal the Netherlands, will be the 50th under the leadership of the same man, Shihan Loek Hollander 9th Dan. This being said: it is the longest ongoing Kyokushin summer camp in the world, under the leadership of the same Shihan. The first edition was in 1967, only 3 years after the establishment of the Kyokushin organisation by Sosai Oyama.

The first camp was attended by Sosai Oyama, after this start 50 more summer camps would follow. Throughout the years many international top instructors and students visited this camp. By this album we are trying to make a digital honouring of Shihan Loek Hollander, 50 years of summer camp and Kyokushin in the Netherlands.

More information: Nederlandse Karate Kyokushin Organistatie

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