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Kumite Noord April 2023

Kumite Noord is a collaboration of a number of Full Contact Karate schools from the Northern provinces of the Netherlands. With the aim to give young Karatekas and competitive fighters the chance to further their development, this initiative seeks to provide them with an opportunity. By doing so, they will be able to hone their skills and reach higher levels of proficiency in martial arts.

On April 23, participants of Kumite North had the unique opportunity to receive lessons from Sensei Zahari Damyanov. The renowned instructor was in the Netherlands for Masters of Kyokushin 2023 where he personally coached three Bulgarian competitors.

To kick off the lesson, we began with a traditional Kyokushin warm-up. From there, we partnered up to practice different sabaki forms. We concluded our session with randori and were treated to lunch by Sensei Fokko Rosier from Kyokushin-IJlst afterward.

Get ready to compete in the upcoming Kumite North on May 21 at Fight Game in Zuidlaren Academy! This event will be led by renowned martial arts instructors Shihan Semmy Schilt and Sensei Peter Boer. To register, DM @semmyschilt on Instagram. @semmyschilt

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