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Masters of Kyokushin 2023 Results

The organization of Kyokushin Karate IJlst can look back on a successful edition of the ‘Masters of Kyokushin’. Last Saturday it was the sixth time that this Masters was organized in IJlst and it was an evening full of spectacle and excitement. At the highest level, both nationally and internationally, sports hall De Utherne competed for the Karate title ‘Masters of Kyokushin 2023’.

This year’s gala counted a record number of 19 matches. It was a pleasure for the audience present in the sports hall and the people at home who could watch via FITE.TV live stream. The trophies were sponsored by Bulgaria Air. Shihan Semmy Schilt arranged this.

The audience could witness how up-and-coming talent, the 14-year-old Phileas Mongambo from Dojo Munster, took over the match and that Senna Mulder fought an adult match as a 16-year-old, but unfortunately lost it in extra time. The fastest knockout went to Viktor Kolev, who managed to eliminate his opponent Mitchell de Bont halfway through the first round with a well-placed Jodan Mawashi Geri. It was the first time that De Bont returned to the tatami after a long period of absence.

Women’s A-Level Party

For Kyokushin Karate IJlst the first women’s match at A-level was fought by Irene Rosier. After two rounds against Anastasia Litvinenko of Tekken Dojo, she had the upper hand with some solid punches and several Mawashis. The first A-match for the men was a match with international appeal and was between the Bulgarian Stiliyan Petkos and the German Behzad Khezri. Khezri took the win and won a second game.

Ernst Weistra managed to drag out an extension after two rounds after an injury period in his match. This round was also a draw and the final decision went through the head referee to his opponent Aron Klaase. The third fighter from IJlst, Alex Fijlstra, experienced a special moment where he and his opponent fell off the podium together. This was due to the pressure Alex applied and caused the opponent to lose his balance. In the end, the game was over and Alex went home with the win.

On the edge of the chair

The award for most inspiring fighter went to Luc de Beer of Budokai Tilbug, who, despite his loss against Sakvan Arab of Fightgame Academy, left a positive impression on both the audience and the referees. Both fighters went into the fight with great abandon, with Sakvan eventually coming off the mat as the winner.

Finally, Bogdan Curiman (Man Dojo Romania) and Daniel Wähling (Tekken Dojo Germany) entered the arena. Here it could be seen that hard work, mutual respect, and perseverance at the highest level can provide a true spectacle. From the first minute, the audience was on the edge of their seats because of the challenging party and the show that was put on by the gentlemen. Bogdan eventually took the win through the many hard low kicks that had to be collected by Daniel.


– Tarik Keric, Kihon (1) vs Wasili Prattis, Tamashimoto

– Anastasia Litivnenko, Draw Dojo vs Irene Rosier, Kyoukushin Karate IJlst (1)

– Stiliyan Petkov, SC Nihonto vs Behzad Khezri, Dojo Munster (1)

– Mischa Kruze, Hokori Meijo vs Joanne Schaap, Osaka (1)

– Leroy Verschuren, Musashi vs Aron Klaasse, Omega Sport (1)

– Roberto van de Sand, Budokai Tilburg vs Maikel Ouwens Kihon (1)

– Cheyenne Doctor, Iryoku (1) vs Cariene van der Spek, Katsu

– David de Lange, Budokai Tilburg vs Jelle van Ee, Iryoku (1)

– Behzad Khezri, Dojo Munster (1) vs Giovanni Bozuwa, Kihon

– Ernst Weistra, Kyokushin Karate IJlst vs Aron Klaase, Omega Sport (1)

– Chet Cain Bolhuis, Flex Fight Club Emmen vs Phileas Mongambo, Dojo Munster (1)

– Senna Mulder, Dojo Hokori Meijo vs Rostislav Todorov, TIM Varna (1)

– Milaniia Melkonian, Tekken Dojo vs Ezra Mailoa, Musashi (1)

– Alex Fijlstra, Kyokushin Karate IJlst (1) vs Ryan Jansen, Gouken Dojo

– Jean Denis Kassese Abienda, Soussi Dojo vs Andrew Rusov, Fight Game Academy (1)

– Melissa Schild, Kihon (1) vs Naomi Verhagen, Musashi

– Luc de Beer, Budokai TIlburg vs Sakvan Arab, Fight Game Academy (1)

– Mitchell de Bont, Musashi vs Viktor Kolev, Kyokushin (1)

– Bogdan Curiman, Man Dojo Sport (1) vs Daniel Wähling, Tekken Dojo


Article by Wiebrand de Boer | Source

Check out the pictures by Miroslava Kalikova here “Masters of Kyokushin” 2023 album

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