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Karate GRANDPRIX 2018 – Results

Here are results from annual Karate Grandprix 2018,

which was held on March 25, 2018 at Chiba Port Arena, Japan

Men Division Results:

LW (-65 кг / 23 fighters)
1. Syonoshin Uomoto (Japan)
2. Hiroki Akimoto (Japan)
3. Daiki Hayami (Japan)
3. Atsuki Ono (Japan)

MW (-75 кг / 26 fighters)
1. Tetsuya Yamada (Japan)
2. Toru Kuroda (Japan)
3. Naoto Hatakeyama (Japan)
3. Kengo Oba (Japan)

HW (-85 кг / 27 fighters)
1. Yuto Fukuchi (Japan)
2. Genki Kamei (Japan)
3. Daichi Tanioka (Japan)
3. Eldar Ismailzade (Russia)

SHW (+85 кг / 25 fighters)
1. Vitaly Ishahneli (Russia) (Video from Final on our Facebook page HERE)
2. Jo Miyahara (Japan)
3. Alexander Karshigeev (Russia)
3. Borys Byliskeria (Ukraine)

Women Division Results:

LW -50
1. Narita Urara (Japan)
2. Teona Gazdeliani (Spain)
3. Andou Manami (Japan)
3. Fujimaki Asuka (Japan)

MW -60
1. Kimura Takayo (Japan)
2. Nakazono Ayano (Japan)
3. Kodama Satsuki (Japan)
3. Tomino Maasa (Japan)

HW +60
1. Higuchi Rino (Japan)
2. Huisken Joyse (Netherlands)

Senior Master Men 38+ years old -75 kg
1. Yamamura Hiroki (Japan)
2. Kato Hidenori (Japan)
3. Sugama Kouji (Japan)
3. Suyari Takafumi(Japan)

Senior Master Men 38+ years old +75 kg
1. Glushchenko Victor (Kyokushin Profi Russia)
2. Shirato Takashi (Japan)
3. Ogawa Michiru (Japan)
3. Tatar Viorel (IFK Romania)

Senior Master Men 45+ years old -75 kg
1. Naitou Yuji (Japan)
2. Ishiguro Noriyuki (Japan)
3. Kato Kenji (Japan)
3. Otsuka Naoyuki (Japan)

Senior Master Men 45+ years old +75 kg
1. Anisimov Feliks (IFK Russia)
2. Ito Ryogo (Japan)
3. Arce Cristian (WKB Chile)
3. Sukiennik Arkadiusz (KWF Poland)

The Best Fighter of the Karate Grandprix 2018: Vitally Ishakhuneli

Vitally Ishakhuneli

During the working trip in Japan Secretary General of KWU Alexandr Pichkunov and the General Director of the 4th KWUCHAMP 2019 Sergey Suvorov, they had a meeting at the headquarters of WKO Shinkyokushinkai with Shihan Yasukazu Koi.

On March 22, three days before the Karate Grandprix 2018, in KI Honbu Dojo, Kancho Hatsuo Royama handed certificate of the 4th Dan of Kyokushin-kan karate to Secretary General of KWU, Sensei Alexandr Pichkunov.

Secretary General of KWU Alexandr Pichkunov, the General Director of the 4th KWUCHAMP 2019 Sergey Suvorov and Shihan Andre Drewniak, Secretary General of KWF during the Karate Gradnprix 2018.


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