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IFK Uruguay Online Kata Tournament

IFK Uruguay held its 7th National IFK Kata Tournament – once again virtually given COVID-restrictions – on September 19th, 2021.

Over 100 competitors participated from all the dojos in Uruguay.

Tournament results:

Kuro obi
1 Maite De León
2 Claudia López
3 Noelia Fabre
4 Santiago Mosco

Brown belts

1 Jonhatan Funez
2 Juan P Bianchi
3 Yonathan Perez
4 Joaquín Mesa

Yellow and green belts
1 Juliana Latorre
2 Roxana Garderes
3 Diego Alegresa
3 Pablo Marmisolle

Yellow and green belts – 10-13 years old
1 Erika Gomez
2 Matías Tarragona
3 Julieta Majstruk
4 Santiago Cuenca

Blue belts – adults
1 Nicolás Caró
2 Santiago Zimmermann
3 Ana Borges
3 Clara Monteiro

Blue and yellow belts – 8-9 years old
1 Avril Carballo
2 Bruno Bava
3 Benjamín Da Rosa
4 Renzo Barragán

White belt – adults
1 Richard Majstruk
2 Alejandro Heuer

Red belt – adults
1 Daniel Attias
2 Pablo Alonso
3 Antonio Madrid

Red belt – 14-17 years old
1 Constanza Machado
2 Enzo Díaz
3 Emanuel Valle
4 Mauricio Bourdín

Red belt – 10-13 years old
1 Lautaro Sarabi
2 Bruno Diaz
3 Diego Cáceres
4 Alain Cejas

Red belt – 7-9 years old
1 Martina Borges
2 Facundo Dubroca
3 Poul Reccioppe
4 Juan I Goro

White belt – 8-9 years old
1 Santiago Epifanio
2 Valentino Nogueira
3 Joaquín Sirio
4 Julieta Vinci

Kihon 10 kyu – 8-9 years old
1 Agustín Aguiar
2 Neithan Maneiro
3 Pastor Méndez
3 Yulina Trujillo

Kihon 10 Kyu – 6-7 years old
1 Guadalupe Nogueira
2 Joaquín Huerta
3 Maria P Silva
4 Camila Manzzi

Kihon 10 Kyu – 4-5 years old
1 Franco Morales
2 Julían Carballo
3 Matias Diperna
4 Agustina López
4 Agustín Albín

Referees: Sensei Germán Carballo, Senpais: Rocío Gonzalez, Noelia Fabre, Santiago Mosco, Mario Hornos, Maite De León, Cesar Acosta, Claudia López  & Gonzalo Díaz.

Participating Dojos:
Montevideo: Abumi, Estribo, Giratierra & Chikara
Mercedes: Yantsu & Fudoshin
Dolores: Kanku
Marindia: Chugi
Salto: Tameshiwari
San Carlos: Senshi


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