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IFK Uruguay: Last 2018 Kyu grading exam

On Sunday December 2nd, 2018, the last 2018 Kyu grading exam took place

at the IFK Uruguay Hombu Dojo, Dojo Estribo.
IFK Uruguay
Over 30 students from two Dojos took their Kyu exam giving their best under the eye of IFK Uruguay Country Representative, Sensei Germán Carballo 4th Dan, assisted by Senpais Santiago Mosco and Maite De León.

Congratulations to all the newly graded students!!
New grades:
7th Kyu;
– Avril Raffaglio
– Bruno Bagnasco
– Julieta Majstruk
– Mateo García
– Santino Sanchez
8th Kyu:
– Avril Carballo Fabre
– Camila Anhal
– Enzo Sastre
– Federico Larrosa
– Juan Ignacio Bonilla
– Julieta De Marco
– Mauricio Nesteruk
– Tatiana Nesteruk
9th Kyu:
– Agustina Latorre
– Ian Kovacs Garrido
– Ivan Bude
– Joaquín Cabovianco
– Juliana Latorre
– Maia Lagos
– Mariano Alvez
– Martina Correa Tamis
– Mateo Perez
– Nahuel Picherno
– Renzo Barragán
– Valentina Dutra
– Vanina Freda
– Victoria Villano
10th Kyu:
– Bruno Martinez
– Bruno Javiel
– Elizabeth Rodriguez
– Paula Repecto
– Valentina Cicarello.

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