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IFK Uruguay 8th National Tournament

The VIII IFK Uruguay National was held on October 9th at Santa Maria College Gymnasium facilities in Montevideo City.

After 3 years of virtual tournaments due to the pandemic, we have restarted the national circuit with participants from all of our dojos and a total of 125 competitors.

The Tournament was divided into two separate instances. Throughout the morning, IFK members – children, cadets, and adults – competed in Kata, Kumite Klicker, and Kumite w/sand bags with outstanding performances. U-18 Kumite KO fights were held in the afternoon with invited organizations joining in categories for competitors aged 10 – 17.  We were glad to see so much potential and great performances from those who are to become the future of our karate style.

Full results HERE

1. IFK with the following dojos:
Abumi – Montevideo
Estribo – Montevideo
Giratierra – Montevideo
Chikara – Montevideo
Yantsu – Mercedes
Kanku – Mercedes
Meiyo – Mercedes
Fudoshin – Mercedes
Sonkei – Palmitas
Orenji – Salto
Senshi – San Carlos
Hikari – Montevideo
Tamashi – Mercedes
Honbu – Montevideo
Suna – Montevideo
Alto Rendimiento – Montevideo
Bushido – Pando

Referees: Shihan Germán Carballo, Sensei Norberto Sena, Sensei Roberto Sena, Senpais Santiago Mosco, Noelia Fabre, Claudia López, Santiago Silva, Gonzalo Díaz, Cesar Acosta, Jonhatan Fúnez, Mario hornos, Yonathan Perez, Maite de León, Joaquín Mesa, Melany López, Andres Pintos and Sebastián Martinez.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make this even possible, as well as everyone who attended.

See you in 2023!


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