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IFK Switzerland Summer Camp

From the 23rd till 26th The IFK Switzerland summer camp took place in July at the sports center in Willisau.

97 athletes from 11 dojos and ages 8 to 66 set off to deepen their knowledge of Kihon, Kata, and Kumite in groups and under the expert guidance of various Sempais, Senseis and Shihans. The weather was good for the camp and so they sweat a lot. Everyone could benefit from new training methods and ideas and expand their knowledge.

All brown and black belts were also given the opportunity to expand their skills as part of a refereeing course on Sunday evening.
On Monday afternoon, like every year, a 30-man Kumite took place, with big and small fighting each other with much respect and spirit. In the evening, the reward was followed by the Sayonara Party – which also marked the 25th anniversary of IFK Switzerland this year. So Mr. and Mrs. Karateka threw themselves in the bowl and spent the evening with great food and good company. The examiners organized a supporting program, which was varied and amusing throughout the evening. In addition, many old and newer photos have highlighted the highlights of the last 25 years.

After a final training on Tuesday morning and the graduations, the training camp, unfortunately, came to an end again.

We congratulate all the students on their performance:

Kohai Maximilian Blum, 2. Kyu
Kohai Lea Weber, 2. Kyu
Kohai Angela Egli, 1. Kyu
Sempai Peter Ammann, 1. DAN
Sempai Mirjam Bucher, 1. DAN
Sempai Ismael Diez, 1. DAN
Sempai Christian Ettlin, 1. DAN
Sempai Larissa Krummenacher, 1. DAN
Sempai Sina Burri, 2. DAN
Sempai Angela Felber, 2. DAN
Sempai Ramon Pfändler, 2. DAN
Sensei Philipp Hartmann, 3. DAN
Sensei Simon Zurfluh, 3. DAN

In addition, the IFK Switzerland and the World Federation awarded the following graduations:
Sensei Fritz Trautmann, 4. DAN
Sensei Alexandra Tabord, 4. DAN
Shihan Michel Estermann, 5. DAN
Shihan Melania Garcia, 5. DAN
Shihan Rolf Imhof, 5. DAN
Shihan Heinz Muntwyler, 5. DAN
Shihan Toni Gansner, 6. DAN

We congratulate all graduates and thank you for your dedication to the IFK.

We look forward to seeing you all next year from the 22nd. – 25. July 2023 to be seen again in summer camp.


IFK Switzerland

Photos at:

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