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IFK Russia: Training and referee Kata Seminar

On the 29th January 2017 on the base of SC “Severny” (Organizer Sempai Konstantin Siranchiev)

there was held Training and referee Kata Seminar with Shihan Victor Fomin

Seminar was according to RKF Kata Referee Committee’s program.  Shihan Fomion Assistants: Shihan Andrey Khimichenko, Senseis Yulia Tseytlina, Sergey Makarov, Svetlana Volkova

After the first general training session participants were divided into different groups according to kata programs. After second training session there was held practical referee seminar with testing sportsmen and judges. There were over 80 participants (sportsmen, coaches and judges from Moscow sport clubs Bushido Mon, Severny, Aceberg, Lefortovo, Berkut, Siroi Tora, Kenka Juku, MAI, Moscow region, Tula region and Zubova Poliana (Republic of Mordovia).

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