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IFK Kyokushin Argentina closes the 2019 season with a successful balance in many aspects

IFK Argentina has started the year 2019 with a high-level event, such as the first Summer Camp KWU in South America, held in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. Shihan Julio Romero was responsible for coordinating this international visit, receiving in our country illustrious Masters, such as the Secretary General of KWU, Sensei Alexander Pichkinov, and Sensei Dmitry Savelyev, both Kyokushin World Champions. We also received karatekas from other regions of Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia. It was undoubtedly an event of great hierarchy that we hope to repeat.

On the other hand, IFK Argentina completes the training of our students of the subsidiary of the Province of San Juan, in charge of Instructor Roberto Putelli.

IFK Argentina continues the preparation of our young karatekas, athletes with a view to the IFK Kyokushin South American Championship, held in Valparaíso, Chile, organized by Sensei Germán Carú. The participation of the IFK Argentina youth team in the Continental Tournament could not be more auspicious. Jerónimo Romero consecrated South American Champion in lightweight category adults (18 years old): Paloma Romero, South American Junior Runner-up, Lightweight Ladies category (16 years old); Mariana Bosch, 4th place (15 years), same category.

After these important International events, the degree exams arrived. Jerónimo Romero was examined to his 2º Dan, and he approved all his Kyokushin items successfully (Kihon from 10º kyu to Nidan, all katas of the system, special exercises of stamina, skill, power, and Kumite)
We will end this season with a training seminar for our Instructors and students of the IFK branch in the Province of Entre Ríos.

IFK Argentina looks forward to next year with as much and good activity as the year that ends. It will be a very special year, since in 2020, IFK Kyokushin Argentina will turn 25, under the leadership of Shihan Julio Romero 6º Dan (who will turn 33 in Kyokushin, 8 in IKO, 25 in IFK), and the unconditional support and work of a small group of students of the first hour of the foundation of IFK Argentina. They are, Shihan María Laura López Goñi, Sensei Mariano Porcel and Doctor Víctor Varone (legal advisor), Doctor Pablo Albina. We look forward to celebrating at a Kyokushin event where we can share with colleagues, students, and friends.

Throughout these 25 years, IFK Argentina participated in many seminars around the world under the direction of Hanshi Steve Arneil; Also in Championships, South American, and Kyokushin World Cups for children, youth and adults (ladies and men).

In 2011 a new chapter began in Kyokushin with the creation of Kyokushin World Union (KWU). In 2013, Shihan Julio participates as a referee in the first KWU World Championship, held in Sofia, Bulgaria. Then came more responsibilities related to KWU, KWU Tournament in Chile 2016.

2018 Coordinator of trainers Kyokushin South America in Summer Camp Kamchia, Bulgaria. He also coordinates the first KWU tour in the South American continent directed by Secretary General Alexander Pichkunov and Sensei Dmitry Savelyev.

2020 will be a year to celebrate, share and continue adding friends. IFK Argentina wishes in this new year to face new challenges and continue growing in the Kyokushin.

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