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IFK Euro 2018: Important information

Important information about IFK European Kyokushin Karate Championship,

which will be held in Yerevan, Armenia on April 7-8, 2018


Schedule for the weigh check April 6

Participants must come with GI (kimono) and protectors at Hotel Shirak

1 09:00 Armenia
2 11:00 Kazakhstan KWF
3 11:30 Kazakhstan WKO
4 12:00 Kazakhstan IFK
5 12:30 Russia Kan
6 13:00 Germany and Poland
7 13:30 Israel and Belarus
8 14:00 Great Britain, Bulgaria and Sweden
9 14:30 Norway, Netherlands and Switzerland
10 15:00 Russia IFK
11 15:30 Spain IFK, Spain Rengokai, Romania and Hungary
12 16:00 Iran IFK, Iran Bushido and Iran Kenpo
13 16:30 Russia KWF
14 17:00 Georgia
15 17:30 Iran WKO
16 18:00 Russia WKO
17 18:30 Russia IKO
18 19:00 Ukraine
19 19:30 Czech Republic and Kyrgyz Republic
20 21:00 The others

On April 7 the tournament starts at 10:00. On this day, all weight and age groups will compete on 5 tatami.

On April 8 the tournament starts at 12:00. On this day there will be held final battles of 16-17-year-old boys, and adults men and women. In total, 11 battles will be fought.

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