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IFK Canada: Israel Shinkyokushin Team in Toronto

IFK Kyokushin Canada and Israel Shinkyokushin Team

training at Contact Kicks Martial Arts in Toronto. Last week Contact Kicks Martial Arts, the headquarters for IFK Kyokushin Canada, had the pleasure of hosting the Israeli Shinkyokushin Team, under the tutelage of Shihan Gleb Rabinovich.


The Israeli 6 person team was in Canada to attend the Camille Ohan Branch 20th North American Shinkyokushin Championship. On tournament they displayed impressive results in both kata and kumite:

9 – 1st places
7 – 2nd places
3 – 3rd places

The categories included: Junior Individual Kata, Adults Individual Kata, Elite Kata, Group Kata, Music Kata and Kumite (by weight categories).

After the weekend event the team was invited, through CKMA’s Oleg Vainshtein, a former student in Israel, to visit the IFK Canada Honbu and Shihan Gleb Rabinovich to lead the class, with our own Sensei Steve Fogorasi.

Sensei Fogarasi kicked off the evening by introducing Shihan Rabinovich, and reminding us all the importance of sharing and learning from everyone, no matter which affiliation, as we are all one kyokushin at heart.

Shihan Rabinovich led the class through a traditional warm-up and fast-past kihon, Ido Geiko practice. Shihan Rabinovich drilled the importance of a strong solid foundation many benefits of proper kihon. Explaining to the class the use of balance, center of gravity and that ever block can and should be a strike.

We truly benefited from his years of practice and teaching, and it certainly resonated with everyone in attendance, myself no exception. His explanation of blocks was very logical and you could see how this was distilled and a solid part of his own students in attendance, who moved across the floor with grace and power.

We felt very honored to not only be taught by such a great martial artist, but to be in the presence of some very outstanding students. It was an inspirational evening for all of us.

At the end of class, we honored with a demonstration of Seipai and Seienchin kata by two of his top Israel Shinkyokushin students.

On behalf of all of us at CKMA I wish to thank the Israeli team for taking the time to join us in Vaughan (Toronto), and sharing in your knowledge. It is the only way for Kyokushin to grow.





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