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IFK Canada: 2017 KICKS for the New Year!

Friday, January 6th marked what has become a tradition at the IFK Canada Honbu,

Contact Kicks Martial Arts. The annual “KICKS for the New Year”!

The first Friday of each year the dojo rings in the New Year with 40 rounds of 50 kicks plus the singles to count the year. In this year’s case, an additional 17 kicks to make 2017.

[bctt tweet=”The annual “KICKS for the New Year” #kyokushin” username=”kwunion”]

It was a packed house with 27 participants. Ranging in all ages, from 7 to 50, and folks joining from the Kickboxing classes as well.

This year CKMA ran a charity for their local food bank, Vaughan Food Bank. People were encouraged to bring any non-perishable food, to contribute and make the kicks leave a real mark in their community.

This tradition of KICKS for the New Year began with Sensei Steve Fogarasi at his original dojo in Colorado, along with Senpai Mici Fogarasi, 10 years ago, and continued when they moved to Canada. It has become a strong tradition here that everyone looks forward to.

[bctt tweet=”CKMA ran a charity for their local food bank, Vaughan Food Bank” username=”kwunion”]

Perhaps in the future, as the IFK, and Kyokushin in general, grows in the Toronto area, other dojo’s can join to turn this into an even larger event with larger contributions to charities in the area!

We wish to thank everyone who participated in the event as well as donating to the Vaughan Food Bank.


Scott Heaney,


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