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IFK Canada Kyokushin Organization 1st Committee Meeting

Sunday December 4, 2016 was a monumental day for Kyokushin in Canada.

It marked the first official committee meeting of IFK Canada Kyokushin Organization. There hasn’t been representation for the International Federation of Karate (Kyokushin) in Canada for many years, until Sensei Steve Fogarasi moved to Canada from Romania, and in 2010, with the recommendation of Hanshi Steve Arneil, the founder of the IFK, Sensei Fogarasi would become the country representative.
Since that time Sensei Fogarasi has been building his own dojo, Contact Kicks Martial Arts, and building the infrastructure for IFK Canada. IFK has been laying its roots in Ontario and later with dojos from Quebec.


Due to the growth of the IFK in Canada it became time to form an official committee, with individuals taking on the various tasks required to run a growing organization. Which brings us to this first official committee meeting.

Joined by Sensei Steve Fogarasi, Senseï Jonathan C. Hemond, Senseï Mikhail Zimerman, Sempai Baker El-Hoseiny, Sempai Dezideriu Muzsi, Sempai Pascal Hemond, Sempai Mici Fogarasi, Mihai Cotop, Oleg Vainshtein, Scott Heaney and Natália Aragao, the team met in Toronto (Vaughan) to elect board members and create a calendar of events moving into 2017.

The first order of business was electing the board, beginning with the President and Vice-president, for the new Non-Profit Organization. Sensei Steve Fogarasi was voted in as the President and Senseï Jonathan Hemond as the Vice-President, respectively.
The other positions voted in for the Executive Board included:

Secretary GeneralSempai Mici Fogarasi
TreasurersMihai Cotop and Sempai Pascal Hemond
Team CoachSensei Steve Fogarasi
Chief RefereeSenseï Mikhail Zimerman
Communications Officer (Media and PR)Scott Heaney
Official Photographer and VideographerOleg Vainshtein
International Planning and Organization in the AmericasSempai Pascal Hemond


As well, the beginning foundation of the Under Committees was considered, with the first order of business the Technical and Grading Committee. This will be led by Senseï Jonathan Hemond and Sempai Mici Fogarasi for Kata, Kihon and Syllabus and Senseï Mikhail Zimerman for Kumite.
This will mean a grading standardization for testing and ranking under IFK Canada and creating policy for other IFK Canada Kyokushin Dojos to follow. Another meeting will be set up, to go into more detail.
The IFK World Tournament and participation was discussed as well as IFK Canada Kyokushin events for 2017. This includes a summer camp, to be held at a central location between Quebec and Toronto, with representation from IFK USA. Date to be determined for August.
All in all it was a very successful first meeting. Everyone is very excited about the future and path of this new Kyokushin organization in Canada. More details of events to come!


Short bio of attendees:

Sensei Steve Fogarasi
4th Degree Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate – International Federation of Karate – IFK
Owner and Head Coach of Contact Kicks Martial Arts
Country Representative for the IFK in Canada
25 years teaching experience in Kyokushin Karate and 10 years competitive fighting experience in full-contact karate, as well as 15 years of competition referee experience.
15 year experience in kickboxing

Senseï Jonathan Hemond
3rd Degree Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate – International Federation of Karate – IFK
Owner and head teacher of Karaté Laval
Professor at Loisirs St-Elzéar in Laval
25 years of Kyokushin experience, including 22 years of competitive experience in Kyokushin Kata and Kumite
As well, Sensei Hemond has a long sales history with Desjardins Insurance

Senseï Mikhail Zimerman
3rd Degree Black Belt in Kyokushin
Started in 1993 with IFK
6 years teaching Physical Education, currently with John Abbott College – CEGEP located in St Anne De Bellevue, Quebec
International level competitor for many years
Very active referee in Quebec

Sempai Baker El-Hoseiny
2nd Degree Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate
Electrical Engineering background
Currently Communications Officer in the Canadian Military

Sempai Pascal
2nd Degree Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate in 2014, training since 1989
Hockey Coach (Certified Level 1-3 International)
Supervisor in IT (managing 60 people, including oversees teams)

Sempai Dezideriu Muzsi
1st Degree Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate
Former Math Professor and currently High School Math Teacher

Sempai Mici Fogarasi
1st Degree Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate
Training 11 years in Kyokushin
Training 11 years in kickboxing
Very active on the International level within the Kyokushin community
Contact Kicks Martial Arts: Instructor in kids karate classes
Assistant instructor in kickboxing classes
Handles the IFK Canada administrative paperwork
Accounting and Bookkeeping

Mihai Cotop
1st Kyu Kyokushin Karate
28 years in martial arts
Masters of Business Administration
Currently Business Analyst with the Bank of Monreal

Oleg Vainshtein
3rd Kyu Kyokushin Karate
27 years in martial arts
Certified referee in Shinkyokushin
Manufacturing Manager in Industrial Manufacturing

Scott Heaney
3rd Kyu Kyokushin Karate
1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate
28 years in martial arts
Author of the blog – The Martial Way
Certified Scrum Master and Coach in Agile Project Management
Currently working for the Bank of Montreal

Natália Aragao
7th Kyu Kyokushin Karate -3 years under Senseï Jonathan Hemond
Background in Nursing
Team Leader in catering and organizing events
Special Needs Diploma
Customer Service at Karaté Laval


Photos by Oleg Vainshtein

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