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IFK Armenia Triumphs at the Open Championships in Sofia

In a spectacular showcase of skill and determination, the Kyokushin Karate Federation of Armenia, led by founder-president Shihan Andranik Hakobyan, recently made waves at the Eastern European Open Championships held in Sofia. With a delegation comprising 50 talented individuals, the results achieved were nothing short of brilliant.

Out of the 29 participants who represented Armenia on the prestigious karate stage, the delegation managed to secure an impressive array of victories. The following achievements reflect the remarkable prowess and dedication of the Kyokushin karatekas:

A staggering 15 participants clinched the coveted 1st place in their respective categories.

Adding to the triumph, three participants secured 2nd place, further solidifying Armenia’s presence on the podium. The silver medalists demonstrated exceptional skill and resilience, contributing to the overall success of the delegation.

Four karatekas exhibited resilience and determination by securing 3rd place in their categories.

This accomplishment showcases the depth of talent within the Kyokushin Karate Federation of Armenia, emphasizing the well-rounded nature of the team.

The Eastern European Open Championships in Sofia served as a platform for the Kyokushin Karate Federation of Armenia to shine, and they did. The outstanding results of 22 medals speak volumes about the skill, dedication, and spirit of the Armenian delegation. As they return home, the karatekas and their supporters can bask in the glory of their achievements, marking a significant chapter in the federation’s history and inspiring future generations of martial artists in Armenia.

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