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IFK Armenia Grand Prix 2022 results

Here are the results of the IFK Armenia Grand Prix which was held on 2 April 2022 in Yerevan. 250 fighters from 6 countries participated and showed great Kyokushin spirit. Congratulations to all participants, organizers, and supporters.

8-9 years

-28 kg

1.Vahe Khoshbekyan (Armenia)

2.Mark Ayvazyan (Armenia)

3.Artur Ghazanchyan (Armenia)

3.Narek Kchryan (Armenia)

8-9 years

-35 kg

1.Narek Kirakosyan (Armenia)

2.Aleko Gogitidze (Georgia)

3.Razmik Baveyan (Armenia)

3. Aleqs Sevumyan (Armenia)

8-9 years

+35 kg

1.Arkadi Kirakosyan (Armenia)

2.Janik Mkrtchyan (Armenia)

3.Timofejs Suhlovs (Latvia)

3. Klavs Zamurs (Latvia)

10-11 years

-32 kg

1.Narek Bursalyan (Armenia)

2.Ruben Hovhannisyan (Armenia)

3.Vahe Manukyan  (Armenia)

3.Vlad Vardanyan (Armenia)

10-11 years

-40 kg

1.Avet Harutyunyan (Armenia)

2. Roberts Bimbiruls (Latvia)

3.Gevorg Hovsepyan (Armenia)

3.Erik Petrosyan (Armenia)

10-11 years

+40 kg

1.Hayk Maxasyan (Armenia)

2. Georgi Harutyunyan (Georgia)

3.Artur Petrosyan (Armenia)

3. Felix Manvelyan (Armenia)

12-13 years

-40 kg

1.Georgi Avlokhashvili (Georgia)

2.Areg Hazarapetyan (Armenia)

3.Ashot Khachatryan (Armenia)

3.Giorgi Kasradze (Georgia)

12-13 years

-45 kg

1.Georgi Vachnadze (Georgia)

2.Giorgi Barnaveli (Georgia)

3.Ricards Rudolfs Gailias (Latvia)

3.Davit Baghdasaryan (Armenia)

12-13 years

-50 kg

1.Erik Hakobyan (Armenia)

2.Giorgi Giorgadze (Georgia)

3.Movses Petrosyan (Armenia)

3.Samvel Stepanyan (Armenia)

12-13 years

+50 kg

1.Vanik Hovsepyan (Armenia)

2.Hayk Manukyan (Georgia)

3.Gurgen Elizbaryan (Armenia)

3.Emil Enguryan (Georgia)

14-15 years

-50 kg

1.Petros Farfaryan (Armenia)

2.Grisha Kirakosyan (Armenia)

3.Saba Beraia (Georgia)

3.Garik Sargsyan (Armenia)

14-15 years

-55 kg

1.Luka Mgeladze (Georgia)

2.Tomer Lerer (Israel)

3.Davit Basilaia (Georgia)

3.Arman Hovsepyan (Armenia)

14-15 years

-60 kg

1.Iosebi Avlokhashvili (Georgia)

2.Dimitri Mskhaladze (Georgia)

3.Mikayel Zakaryan (Armenia)

3.Artur Dan (Israel)

14-15 years

+60 kg

1.Enok Bdoyan (Georgia)

2.Sandro Kerdzevadze (Georgia)

3.Avtandil Partsikanashvili (Georgia)

3. Artyom Manasyan (Armenia)

16-17 years

-70 kg

1. Aleksandre Beraia (Georgia)

2. Grigori Beridze (Georgia)

3. Garik Aslanyan (Armenia)

3. Hrant Saroyan (Armenia)

16-17 years

+70 kg

1. Karen Yeghiazaryan (Armenia)

2. Kirils Stecs (Latvia)

3. Kirill Tavkin (Georgia)

3. Valiko Poghosyan (Georgia)

18+ years

-65 kg

1. Kakha Chap-ogli (Georgia)

2. Ahmad Bagheri Pour (Armenia)

3. Mher Gevorgyan (Armenia)

3. Stepan Grigoryan (Armenia)

18+ years

-75 kg

1. Lasha Babuadze (Georgia)

2. Erik Oganezov (Georgia)

3. Ramin Ashouri (Iran)

3. Tamaz Ardzenadze (Georgia)

18+ years

+75 kg

1. Hovhannes Sargsyan (Armenia)

2. Davit Baramidze (Georgia)

3. Hrach Karapetyan (Armenia)

3. Giorgi Gulisashvili (Georgia)

8-11 years Girls

1. Milena Belavian (Latvia)

2. Elen Yepremyan (Armenia)

3. Anamaria Mskhaladze (Georgia)

3. Mishel Ganjalyan (Armenia)

12-13  years Girls

1. Alisa Bejanyan (Armenia)

2. Elen Grigoryan (Armenia)

3. Laura Tovmasyan (Armenia)

3.Mariana Asturyan (Armenia)

14-15  years Girls

1. Sofi Mkheyan (Armenia)

2. Arina Matyushshina (Armenia)

3. Rotem Dillbary (Israel)

3.Ksenija Slahta (Israel)

16-17 years Girls

1.Mariam Tsiklauri (Georgia)

2. Nano Shubitidze (Georgia)

3. Mariam Turkiashvili (Georgia)

3.Binon Aleksandra (Israel)

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