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EuroKan Junior 2016

EuroKan Junior 2016A huge event of the strongest fighters in age of 6 to 17

was supported and organized by the parents of our Dankezu-family! Exactly 227 fighters from 13 countries, 24 teams and six different organizations met on the main Tatami in Berlin. The most experienced judges took the justices decisions in the most complicated and unclear occasions of this Championship.

Thank to our partners and sponsors Gennady ´Boer, Ms Eckert from the company “HoWoGe”, Andrey Dik – the manager of Mix-Markt in Berlin, Oleg Shorin and the company “ Alianz Versicherungen” we could provide the highest prices, present and lunch packages to every competitor.

The big family Dankezu hadn’t let anyone disregarded. More than 500 guests were met and greeted in the airports, transfers and excursions were provided to participants of the championship in capital of Germany. The most beautiful KOs until the finals were illuminated with unusual parade opening. With participation of the chief of administration of the area Lichtenberg — Madame Monteiro.

On the Parade were presented all national dances of the countries which took part. The show program from our girls of DANZU and the demonstration of the highest belt- level students of DANKEZU. In the unofficial counterbalance Germany took the second “Team – place” by winning 25 medals. 5 – gold, 4 – silver and 16 – bronze medals. The winner team is Russia by having 31 medals: 12 first, 8 second and 11 third places. In addition we would like to mention, and that all european champions of this tournament are trained in the DANKEZU karate. This is: Sergey Kroll, Muhammad – Ali Abdulatipov, Sebastian Vogler, Steven Demanov and Semen Perminov.

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