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British Open 2016 – Official results

Official results was published on BKK Facebook page

British Open 2016 was an amazing tournament with many good fights and new old tameshiwari rule.

Pictures HERE and for those who missed it: you can watch a replay of the British Open 2016 finals HERE.

Congratulations to all winners:

Lightweight Men
1. Khasai Magomedov (Russia WKO)
2. Dimitriy Moisseyev (Kazakhstan WKO)
3. Daniel Redondo (Spain Rengokai)
3. Maksim Voitov (Russia IFK)

Middleweight Men
1. Aleksandr Drozd (Russia IFK)
2. Dmitrii Rodichkin (Russia IFK)
3. Claibourne Henry (USA IFK)
3. Eldar Ismailzade (Russia IFK)

Heavyweight Men
1. Vladimir Artyushin (Kazakhstan WKO)
2. Aleksei Gorokhov (Russia IFK)
3. Kestutis Radvilla (Lithuania WKO)
3. Pablo Estensoro (Spain KWF)

Lightweight Women
1. Emma Markwell (GB IFK)
2. Magdalena Gustaityte (Lithuania WKO)
3. Rocio Maldonado (Spain Rengokai)
3. Lilla Herczeg (Hungary IKO Matsushima)

Heavyweight Women
1. Csenge Szepesi (Hungary WKO)
2. Marina Sobanina (Russia Independent)
3. Irina Valieva (Russia WKO)
3. Diana Cantero Perez (Spain KWF)

official results

Pictures by Sensei Elena Smirnova

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