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The British National Clicker tournament was held on the 19th November in Slough

Shihan Nick Da Costa wrote on his Facebook profile: On behalf of the BKK I would like to thank all officials/volunteers/competitors and spectators for supporting our last tournament of the year. It was a long day with well over 200 competitors. An extra special thanks to Gareth Jones, Lee Swiggler & Gary Frost for ensuring that all went well on the day. Osu!


PeeWee 6-8yrs
1st Huw Horton (Melton Mowbray)
2nd Charlie Deane (Cardiff)
3rd Federico Molvetti (Docklands)
3rd Ellis Bancroft (Loughborough)

PeeWee 9-10yrs Low-grade
1st Charlie Cooper (Loughborough)
2nd Jasman Sandhu (Langley)
3rd Alex Mort (Cwmbran)
3rd Katerina Nikolajeva (Gravesend)

PeeWee 9-10yrs High-grade
1st William Lawrence (Cardiff)
2nd Daniel Parsons (Cwmbran)
3rd Cai Williams (Aberpennar)
3rd Ellis Nugent (Melton Mowbray)


Low Grade Junior Grades under 155cms
1st Zoe Morgan (Mountain Ash)
2nd Niamh Warner (Mountain Ash)
3rd Fon Chanpati (Mountain Ash)
3rd Seren Davies (Mountain Ash)

Low Grade Junior Grades over 155cms
1st Madison Sproston (Crawley)
2nd Olivia Cottage (Crystal Palace)
3rd Jaskiran Khela (Langley)
3rd Amrta Biyat (Langley)

Low Grade Junior Boys under 155cms
1st Mustafa Ahmed (Cardiff)
2nd Philbert Baby (Westcroft)
3rd Wictor Gabala (Mountain Ash)
3rd Bradley Rawlinson (Melton Mowbray)

Low Grade Junior Boys over 155cms
1st Mikolai Zabala (Crawley)
2nd Oliver Nugent (Melton Mowbray)
3rd Rohan Singh-Shergill (Gravesend)
3rd Ellis Roome (Ynysowen)

High Grade Junior Girls under 155cms
1st Heather Price (Cwmbran)
2nd Holly Harvey (Aberpennar)
3rd Mia Morgan (Mountain Ash)
3rd Nuha Wan-Armizi (Docklands)

High Grade Junior Girls over 155cms
1st Sophie Hobbs (Mountain Ash)
2nd Lilli Bryan (Mountain Ash)
3rd Lilly Wellock (Dunmow)
3rd Remi Aziz (Melton Mowbray)

High Grade Junior Boys under 160cms
1st Bart Chaisrisud (Crawley)
2nd Callum Breward (Melton Mowbray)
3rd Ashley Black (Crawley)
3rd Luke Sabey (Saffron Walden)

High Grade Junior Boys over 160cms
1st Robert Salvi (Crawley)
2nd Luke Davies (Mountain Ash)
3rd Amedeo Sorge (Crawley)
3rd Ethan Hardwick (Cwmbran)

1st Max da Costa (Ilford)
2nd Khalid Langhi (Westcroft)
3rd Luke Jones (Mountain Ash)
3rd Felix Baby (Westcroft)

Low Grade Senior Women
1st Neli Tsoneva (Docklands)
2nd Nicole Hussey (Docklands)
3rd Payal Patel (Invictus)
3rd Hannah Davis (Cardiff)

High Grade Senior Women
1st Alexandra Nauth-Misir (Docklands)
2nd Zoeleigh Moulden (Mountain Ash)
3rd Alicia Bennet (Mountain Ash)
3rd Holly Davies (Mountain Ash)

Low Grade Senior Men
1st Andy Raisen (Loughborough)
2nd Prashan Karunakan (Westcroft)
3rd Luke Jones (Mountain Ash)
3rd David Sidnell (Cwmbran)

High Grade Senior Men
1st Chris da Costa (Docklands)
2nd Alan Shnawa (Invictus)
3rd Max da Costa (Ilford)
3rd Jordan da Costa (Ilford)

PeeWee Team Event
1st Cardiff
2nd Cwmbran
3rd Melton Mowbray
3rd Westcroft

Junior Girls Team Event
1st Mountain Ash A
2nd Dunmow
3rd Mountain Ash B
3rd Langley

Junior Boys Team Event
1st Crawley
2nd Gravesend
3rd Mountain Ash
3rd Cardiff

Senior Womens Team Event
1st Mountain Ash
2nd Docklands
3rd Cardiff

Senior Mens Team Event
1st Ilford
2nd Docklands
3rd Westcroft
3rd Loughborough

Annual England v Wales
Mens Team: 1st England, 2nd Wales
Womens Team: 1 Wales, 2nd England

Winners of Best Technique
PeeWees: Ellis Nugent (Melton Mowbray)
Juniors: Callum Breward (Melton Mowbray)
Adults/Cadets: Zoeleigh Moulden (Mountain Ash)
Most Spirited Fighter of the Tournament: Ellis Roome (Ynysowe)


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