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Asian Open Championship 2018 RESULTS

In the 2nd day of Asian Open Championship 2018 Astana, Kazakhstan,

the best men and women were identified in 11 weight categories. Here are the results of men and women, kumite:

Asian Open Championship 2018 RESULTS

WOMEN -50kg
1. Lyudmila Ustyugova (Kazakhstan)
2. Gulnaz Galymzhanova (Kazakhstan)
3. Lina Muradi (Afganistan)
3. Dosmagambetova Dayana (Kazakhstan)

WOMEN -60kg
1. Narkyz Uzakbaeva (Kazakhstan)
2. Ayelita Ryabchuk (Kazakhstan)
3. Valerya Ivanova (Kazakhstan)
3. Elnara Togyzbaeva (Kazakhstan)

WOMEN +60kg
1. Alemgul Sabyrkhan (Kazakhstan)
2. Azhar Zhaxybayeva (Kazakhstan)
3. Begimjan Kasymova (Kyrgyzstan)
3. Bolat Aina (Kazakhstan)

MEN -60kg
1. Temirlan Zhanibek (Kazakhstan)
2. Heydar Baratiyasaghi (Iran)
3. Zhanibek Burshakbayev (Kazakhstan)
3. Jawad Eskandari (Afghanistan)

MEN -65kg
1. Milad Pourjafari Jorjafki (Iran)
2. Daniyar Alimussinov (Kazakhstan)
3. Seraly Abilkassym (Kazakhstan)
3. Mohammad Younes Basharat (Afghanistan)

MEN -70kg
1. Maqbool Shah Gardiwal (Afghanistan)
2. Yerkebulan Beisembaeyev (Kazakhstan)
3. Sirojiddin Zoirov (Uzbekistan)
3. Alisher Karmenov (Kazakhstan)

MEN -75kg
1. Nurlykhanov Sadvokasov (Kazakhstan)
2. Mohammad Reza Omidan Dehno (Iran)
3. Andrey Kotov (Kazakhstan)
3. Omidullah Hamedi (Afghanistan)

MEN -80kg
1. Alexey Shirayev (Kazakhstan)
2. Aleksandr Tronyagin (Kazakhstan)
3. Sanzhar Azim (Kazakhstan)
3. Reza Delfani (Iran)

MEN -85kg
1. Merey Suynov (Kazakhstan)
2. Boris Aksenov (Kazakhstan)
3. Zhandos Aitbay (Kazakhstan)
3. Hamidreza Soleimani (Iran)

MEN -90kg
1. Nikita Garas (Kazakhstan)
2. Faramarz Afghan (Afghanistan)
3. Bahman Khandari (Iran)
3. Ali Shah Sadat (Afghanistan)

MEN +90kg
1. Ilya Yakovlev (Kazakhstan)
2. Farshad Shahyari (Iran)
3. Vyacheslav Vitt (Kazakhstan)
3. Mirlan Usongaliev (Kyrgyzstan)

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