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Alexander Komanov with gold medal at the First KWU European Championship

Alexander Komanov won the gold medal

Alexander Komanov

in the up to 85 kg catеgory at the First KWU European Championship for men and women in categories, which was held in Belgrade, Serbia. The Bulgarian won the first place after a victory over the Russian Artem Semenov. Komanov also received a special award for “highest sporting spirit”.

Another BKKF fighter – Dilyan Nikolov (up to 60 kg) was a step away from the gold medal, but in a very controversial battle with Sergo Armeniyan the Russian became first, and Dilyan – second in the category.Ivan Komanov (up to 70 kg), Iya Kostova (up to 55 kg) and Mihaela Ivanova (up to 65 kg) won silver at the tournament.
Berkdzhan Shen (up to 65 kg) and Kristian Doychev (up to 90 kg) won bronze medals. Thus Bulgaria finished the tournament of the Old Continent with a total of seven medals and strengthened its name among the leaders in Karate Kyokushin.

The prestigious tournament was organized at the initiative of BKKF and KWU and had an excellent organization. General sponsor of the event was the insurance company Armeec which traditionally supports BKKF aiming to popularize this sport in Bulgaria and abroad.

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