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Afghanistan Kyokushin Kan Paktya branch organized outdoor summer training camp

On Friday 22nd July 2016, the summer training camp was successfully held at Satu Kandow rocky mountaineering area in southeast region Gardez city Paktya province.Afghanistan

Afghanistan Kyokushin Kan Paktya branch summer training camp and was instructed by southeast provincial representative Sensei Sabiri and attended by around 40 students including adults and kids.

Training schedule was very intense the fighters climbed in Satu Mountain. Apart from climbing various activities were covered in this training camp. Which includes Basic Karate skills, self-defense techniques; sparring and personal safety tips including Katas and Kihon were taught. During the Seminar there was a great Kyokushin spirits and spectacular environment.

After training camp we also had picnic party whereas we cooked and enjoyed delicious foods and had lunch meal party.

Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan


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