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Absolute champions are instructors of XVIII International Summer Camp KWU SENSHI

As the countdown to the XVIII edition of the international summer camp KWU SENSHI 2024 in Kamchia nears its end, a unique and exclusive opportunity is about to unfold. This is a rare chance for hundreds of young fighters from various countries to be personally mentored by the best in Kuokushin, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Kudo, and Iaido. The camp will be led by legendary martial artists, including absolute Kyokushin champions Shihan Francisco Filho, Sensei Ewerton Teixeira, Sensei Tariel Nikoleishvili, and Sensei Zahari Damyanov.

The Kyokushin Karate Championships, held in Japan every four years, are a testament to this martial art’s competitive and diverse nature. This prestigious event, a beacon of excellence, was established to promote the Kyokushin style by selecting the best and most worthy fighters. With participants from numerous countries, the tournament showcases extraordinary competition and diversity. Over the years, it has set a high standard for excellence in Kyokushin. 

The ‘open weight’ category, where absolute champions are determined, is a testament to martial arts’s physical and mental challenges. Without weight restrictions, this category demands fighters showcase their physical endurance, technical skills, and strategic thinking. It’s not just about high skill and mastery but also about inspiring future generations of karate athletes. The achievements and dedication of these fighters are not just personal triumphs but significant contributions to the global development of karate.

Shihan Francisco Filho is one of the most prominent names in the karate world. He is a Brazilian karate player who has gained worldwide fame for his achievements. In 1999, Filho became the absolute world champion, and this victory secured his place among the legends of karate. In the same year, he completed the “100 man” kumite challenge. He continued his career in K-1, a professional kickboxing league, where he was a 2-time K-1 Grand Prix Champion. In his career, he became World Champion in 1997, 4-time Brazilian Champion, and 3-time South American Champion.

Sensei Ewerton Teixeira is a Brazilian karate and kickboxer recognized as one of the most successful and influential fighters in Kyokushin karate and kickboxing. He began training in karate at an early age, under the tutelage of experienced coaches, and with his dedication, quickly displayed remarkable skills. In 2007, he became the absolute world champion – this title elevated him to a legend in Kyokushin Karate, much like his predecessor Filho. Like many other successful karate fighters, Teixeira turned to kickboxing and competed in the professional K-1 league, allowing him to showcase his skills in different contexts and against fighters from various martial arts. Sensei Teixeira is the 2008 K-1 World GP Fukuoka champion, the 2005 Kyokushin World champion, and a 5-time U.S. Openweight champion.

Sensei Tariel Nikoleishvili is one of the most outstanding karate practitioners and trainers in Kyokushin Karate. Born in Georgia, he is known for his achievements and contributions as a mentor and coach. He soon established himself as one of the most promising young fighters known for his quick strikes and durability. In 2011, he became a top fighter in the world. Nikoleishvili took the honorary first place at the World Championships in Japan, making him the absolute world champion. He passed the kumite “100 men” challenge in 2014, was the world heavyweight champion of Japan in 2010, and became the European champion the same year.

Sensei Zahari Damyanov is one of the most successful Bulgarian karate practitioners and an internationally recognized fighter in Kyokushin karate. His achievements on the competition scene and as a coach make him one of the leading figures in martial arts in Bulgaria and worldwide. He became multiple national champion from 1996 to 2007 in different age groups. In 2007, he started participating in significant tournaments abroad. In his competitive career, he was four times European champions, four times American champions in The American Open (without categories), won second and third place in the World Championship with categories, two second places in the Japanese tournament with categories, and once in without categories. In 2015, Zahari Damyanov won the competition in Japan, which was held without division by category. He thus became the first Bulgarian to stand at the top of the podium.

Shihan Francisco Filho, Sensei Ewerton Teixeira, Sensei Tariel Nikoleishvili, and Sensei Zahari Damyanov wrote their names in golden letters in the history of Kyokushin Karate by winning the most challenging and most prestigious competition in Japan – the World Championship without categories. This first place in the championship has the value of Olympic gold. They are impeccable athletes who have achieved the highest excellence and are also some of the best coaches. Thanks to them, the little hopes in Kyokushin karate are disciplined and driven to win.

Next week, from 30 June to 7 July, in Kamchia, near Varna, the XVIII international summer camp KWU SENSHI for martial arts will be held with nearly 2000 participants. The new edition of the World Cup Varna for young karate kyokushin competitors from different parts of the world is expected within the camp on July 2. The final fights of the KWU SENSHI World Cup for amateurs will take place in the prestigious ring of the international martial arts gala SENSHI 22, which will take place on July 6 at the “St. St. Constantine and Helena” resort. Combat sports fans will also enjoy the thrill of the fierce skills and power techniques of elite martial stars from different countries who will conquer the beach arena in the eight professional matches of the gala evening.

The 22nd edition of SENSHI is organized in cooperation with the KWU International Professional League, as well as with the special support of Armeec Insurance Company, MAX Sport, Bulgaria Air, M Car Group – BMW dealer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Service and St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding.

SENSHI 22 media partners are combat sports portals Boec.BG and Boec.COM, the national television Bulgaria ON AIR, the sports channel MAX Sport 2, the American online martial arts television TrillerTV, the information media, the YouTube channel KOD Sport,, the information portal Kyokushin Karate News and Fighto.News.

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