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28th IFK Swiss Summer Camp

From 22nd to 25th July 2023, the IFK Switzerland summer camp took place at the sports center in Willisau. Almost 80 participants from 13 dojos and three organizations took part in the event to deepen their knowledge of kihon, kata, and kumite. Under the expert guidance of various Senpais, Senseis, and Shihans, intensive training took place in groups. The camp offered a variety of new training methods and ideas from which everyone could benefit and expand their knowledge.

On Sunday evening, all brown and black belts had the opportunity to improve their refereeing skills in a course.

On Monday afternoon, as every year, 30 fights were on the program, where big and small met each other with a lot of respect and a fighting spirit. As a reward, a special surprise followed in the evening: the Sayonara Party turned out to be an 80s theme party with a rousing super talent show. Participants from different dojos and also examinees showed fantastic contributions that made the audience marvel and laugh. The variety of talents and the unexpected performances provided the best entertainment. The party became an unforgettable highlight of the camp and let the participants end the evening in high spirits.

After a final training session on Tuesday morning and the subsequent graduations, the training camp finally came to an end.

We congratulate all examinees and graduates on their excellent performance and thank all participants for an unforgettable time full of learning, fellowship, and fun!

10. Kyu Quiroga Munoz Claudia Julieth Karate-Club Oftringen
9. Kyu Matter Henry Karateschule Kriens
6. Kyu Keiser Romina Karateschule Kriens
6. Kyu Jaruga Noach Karateschule Kriens
6. Kyu Wechsler Lenard Karateschule Kriens
1. Kyu Weber Lea Karateclub Strengelbach
1. DAN Muntwyler Simone Karate Club Anglikon
4. DAN De Patre Barbara Kyokushinkai Karate Ilanz
8. DAN Gabathuler Eduard Kyokushinkai Karate Chur


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