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1st KWU SENSHI America’s Cup – Results

Córdoba, Argentina, was the site of a remarkable event on November 25th – the 1st KWU SENSHI America’s Cup. Under the guidance of President Shihan Akira Masuda, this competition showcased an impressive display of martial arts prowess and sportsmanship. Spectators were treated to an exciting show as competitors from around the Americas tested their skills in pursuit of victory. 

Pictures HERE

Here are the results:

Category 11-12yo Male lightweight
1°Saulo Santos – Brazil
2°Santiago Justiniano – Bolivia
3°Adalid Jheferson – Bolivia
4°Jahir Ordoñez – Bolivia

Category 11-12yo Male Heavyweight
1°Luis Eguiluz – Chile
2°Alonso Garcia – Chile
3°Juan Baudoin – Argentina
4°Mauricio Rojas – Chile

Category 11-12yo Female
1°Abril Hermayoni – Bolivia
2°Ludmila Moyano – Argentina
3°Ernestina Frattini – Argentina
4°Luzmila Reboledo – Uruguay

Category 13-14yo Male Lightweight
1°Zander Veliz – Bolivia
2°Franco Vida – Argentina
3°Lucio Giordano – Argentina
4°Kevin Fajardo – Bolivia

Category 13-14yo Male Heavyweight
1°Ian Tapia – Chile
2°Santino Saavedra – Argentina
3°Benjamin Moyano – Argentina
4°Agustin Bilche – Uruguay

Category 13-14yo Female Lightweight
1°Victoria Castillo – Uruguay
2°Belen Araya – Chile
3°Laura Flores – Bolivia
4°Emma Ruarte – Argentina

Category 13-14yo Female Heavyweight
1°Maria Luiza da Silva – Brazil
2°Avril Almiron – Uruguay
3°Amahia Bernal – Chile
4°Fernanda Arancibia – Chile

Category 15-17yo Male
1°Rafael Torres – Bolivia
2°Gabriel Guzman – Argentina
3°Eitan Aranda – Bolivia
4°Vinicius Trabuco – Brazil

Category 15-17yo Female Lightweight
1°Rocio Caceres – Chile
2°Andrea Cubillos – Chile
3°Alison Carbajal – Bolivia
4°Janis Choquecallata – Bolivia

Category 15-17 Female Heavyweight
1°Emilia Cuello – Argentina
2°Sabrina Mattos – Uruguay
3°Luna Murua – Chile
4°Maria Luiza da Silva – Brazil

Category Beginners Male
1°Matias Secreti – Argentina
2°Dario Padilla – Argentina
3°Gabriel Tarantola – Argentina
4°Gabriel Reyna – Uruguay

Category Intermediate Male Lightweight
1°Camilo Montes – Argentina
2°Luciano Deangeli – Argentina
3°Keiver Nogueira – Brazil
4°Jose Mollinedo – Bolivia

Category Intermediate Male Heavyweight
1°Luis Rojas – Bolivia
2°Mario Benavidez – Argentina
3°Ricardo Rocha – Brazil
4°Marcos Viotti – Argentina

Category Intermediate Female
1°Daniela Rey – Argentina
2°Solange Araya – Chile
3°Giselle Encalada – Chile
4°Camila Monterde – Bolivia

Category Senior Male
1°Rodrigo Maraboli – Chile
2°Mario Villarreal – Argentina
3°Guillermo Tapia – Chile
4°Carlos Robles – Argentina

Category Senior Female
1°Ximena Valderas – Bolivia
2°Paulina Cabezas – Chile

Category Kata Beginners Male
1°Jhair Ordonez – Bolivia
2°Jose Molinedo – Bolivia
3°Luis Buenosdias – Uruguay
4°Maycol Canelas – Bolivia

Category Kata Intermediate
1°Facundo Insaurralde – Uruguay
2°Camila Monterde – Bolivia
3°Melani Orias – Bolivia
4°Solange Araya – Chile

Category Kata Advanced Female
1°Bianca Harada – Brazil
2°Fernanda Fonseca – Costa Rica
3°Valentina Raya – Argentina
4°Sofia Cuello – Argentina

Category Kata Advanced Male
1°Angel Olguin – Chile
2°Fidel Zarate – Bolivia
3°Christian Alexander – Chile
4°Panfilo Nicasio – Bolivia

Category Kumite Open Female
1°Abril Romero – Uruguay
2°Melani Lopez – Uruguay
3°Nadia Bronn – Argentina
4°Francisca Mazzoni – Argentina

Category Kumite Open Male
1°Paulo Zuleta – Argentina
2°Aron Cabrera – Uruguay
3°Sebastaian Martinez – Uruguay
4°Michel Aqueveque – Chile



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