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1st IFK Americas Virtual Kata Tournament report

The 1st. IFK Americas Virtual Kata Tournament was held on July 4-5, 2020. 31 competitors from 8 countries accepted the challenge of showing their best katas in four divisions, Brown Belts under 18, Brown Belts adults, Black Belts males, and Black Belts females.

With the whole world paralyzed, our organization has shown we can continue working as a team; and that competitors have found the time and space to keep training hard no matter what.

Final results of the Tournament:


Black belt females

1st place – Fatemeh A. Ganjouie – IFK Canada

2nd place – Maite De León –  IFK  Uruguay

3rd place – Noelia Fabre –   IFK  Uruguay


Black belt males

1st place – Jerónimo Romero –  IFK  Argentina

2nd place – Dave Sheets –  IFK  USA

3rd place – Santiago Mosco –  IFK  Uruguay


Brown belt U18

1st place – Elijah Pullmann –   IFK  USA

2nd place – Kyla Van –  IFK  Canada

3rd place – Deshaun Moore –  IFK  USA


Brown belt adults

1st place – Claudia López –  IFK  Uruguay

2nd place – Jonhathan Funez –  IFK  Uruguay

3rd place – Douglas Kondo –  IFK  Brazil


Referees: Shihan Mike Monaco, Shihan Julio Romero, Sensei Steve Fogarasi, Sensei Jeovaldo Barreto, Sensei Germán Carballo.

Participating countries: Argentina, Brazil,  Canada, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, USA, and Venezuela. 

Organized by: IFK Uruguay –

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