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Kentouryukai – IFK Kyokushin Karate Brazil shared with us:


Over the last one year we have put all our energy and dedication into this event so that Karate continues to be a sport not only to encourage self-overcoming, but also an instrument of union between people and countries that share the same vision.

We are happy to meet with karatekas from several countries for the 1º SOUTH AMERICA KARATE KYOKUSHIN – IFK TOURNAMENT, and we would like to thank all of them who have worked hard to hold another meeting.

We want all athletes to have a very good experience in this days of event, both in the experience with other athletes and in the individual performance.

We emphasize that we absolutely respect the rules of technique, refereeing and honoring the sport.

Masters’ messages from Kyokushin IFK and IFK BRAZIL PROJECT you can read here

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