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18th Budo Training Day

On Saturday, 08th May 2021, was in Switzerland the 18th IFK Budo Training Day held. 83 Karatekas from the Dojos Chur (39), Ilanz (22), Obwalden (8) and Oftringen (14) took part.

During the morning session between 09.30 – 11.30 am was Kumite on the program. From 00.30 – 02.30 pm could be trained Kata in groups. In the last session, from 03.30 – 05.00 pm, was the training of Kihon and Renraku.

Thank you to the organiser Shihan Edi Gabathuler 7th DAN, and to the instructors Shihan Klaus Ming, 7th DAN, Shihan Fadil Haxhosaj, 6th DAN, Shihan Toni Gansner, 5th DAN, Sensei Rolf Imhof, 4th DAN, Sensei Eveline Wallimann, Sensei Fritz Trautmann, Sensei Mirco Furger and Sensei Barbare De Patre, all 3rd DAN, and to Senpai Ronny Schlegel, Senpai Claudia Schlegel and Senpai Fabio De Patre, all 1st DAN, for their effort.

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